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The Condor, Volume 84, Number 1 (1982)

Publication Information


Speciation in the Carbonated Flower-Piercer (Diglossa Carbonaria) Complex of the Andes. 1-14.
Gary R. Graves.
Recent Publications. 14-58.
Territoriality and Mating Behavior of the Male Brown-Headed Cowbird. 15-21.
J. A. Darley.
Factors Affecting How Male and Female Bobolinks Apportion Parental Investments. 22-39.
James F. Wittenberger.
The Relationships of the Wrentit as Indicated By DNA-DNA Hybridization. 40-44.
Charles G. Sibley, Jon E. Ahlquist.
Comparative Avian Cytogenetics: A Review. 45-58.
Gerald F. Shields.
Reproduction and Nest Site Characteristics of American Coots at Different Altitudes in Colorado. 59-65.
Warner P. Gorenzel, Ronald A. Ryder, Clait E. Braun.
Nesting Ecology and Production of Western Grebes at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, Utah. 66-70.
Mark L. Lindvall, Jessop B. Low.
Selective Use of Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Towns By Mountain Plovers. 71-74.
Craig J. Knowles, Charles J. Stoner, Steven P. Gieb.
Effects of Urbanization on Avian Community Organization. 75-83.
Steven R. Beissinger, David R. Osborne.
A Comparison of Foraging Behavior Among Permanent, Summer, and Winter Resident Bird Groups. 84-90.
Robert E. Lewke.
Energetics and Spread-Winged Behavior of Anhingas in Florida. 91-96.
Willard W. Hennemann, III.
The Migration of Common Loons Through Eastern New York. 97-100.
Paul Kerlinger.
Flock Size and the Organization of Behavioral Sequences in Juncos. 101-105.
Thomas Caraco.
Nesting Biology, Seasonality, and Mating System of Malaysian Fantail Warblers. 106-109.
Michael L. Avery.
Nest and Brood Attentiveness in Female Black Ducks. 110-116.
James K. Ringelman, Jerry R. Longcore, Ray B. Owen, Jr.
Information for Contributors. 132-133.
News and Notes. 134-135.
The Bulletin Board. 135.

Short Communications

Within-Territory Division of Foraging Space By Male and Female Amakihi (Loxops Virens). 117-119.
Alan C. Kamil, Charles Van Riper, III.
Territorial Behavior of the Blue-Black Grassquit. 119.
Bertram G. Murray, Jr.
Site-Specific Nest Defense Behavior of Black Skimmers and Least Terns. 120.
Jerome A. Jackson, Bernard E. Rowe, Melinda S. Hetrick, Bette J. Schardien.
Determination of Fresh Egg Mass During Natural Incubation. 121-122.
Gilbert S. Grant, Charles V. Paganelli, Ted N. Pettit, G. Causey Whittow, Hermann Rahn.
Hummingbirds Feeding on an Excretion Produced By Scale Insects. 122.
Ernest P. Edwards.
Diurnal Rhythms in the Vocalizations of Budgerigars. 123-124.
Robert Ferrell, Luis F. Baptista.
Bald Eagle Nesting Studies in Seymour Canal, Southeast Alaska. 125-127.
John I. Hodges, Jr.
Notes on the Breeding and Occurrence of Western Grebes on the Mexican Plateau. 127-130.
Sartor O. Williams III.
Broad-Billed Prion at Mollendo, Peru; First Record for the Pacific Coast of South America. 130.
R. A. Hughes.
Grenada Hook-Billed Kites: Recent Status and Life History Notes. 131.
Thomas Bates Smith, Stanley A. Temple.
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