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The Condor, Volume 83, Number 3 (1981)

Publication Information


Thermal Stress and Predation: Influences on the Structure of a Gull Colony and Possibly on Breeding Distributions. 193- 203.
J. L. Hand, G. L. Hunt, Jr., M. Warner.
Somatic Chromosomes of the Congo Peafowl (Afropavo Congensis) and Their Bearing on the Speices' Affinities. 204- 208.
Leobert E. M. De Boer, Roland Van Bocxtaele.
Status and Distributions of Some Northwest Peruvian Birds. 209-216.
Thomas S. Schuelenberg, Theodore A. Parker, Iii.
Recent Publications. 216-274.
The Songs and Singing Behavior of the Red-Eyed Vireo. 217-228.
Donald J. Borror.
Energetic Cost of Incubation in the Zebra Finch. 229-237.
Carol M. Vleck.
Recent Publication. 237.
Weight Loss in Incubating Albatrosses and Its Implications for Their Energy and Food Requirements. 238-242.
P. A. Prince, C. Ricketts, G. Thomas.
Nest Site Selection By Kelp Gulls in Southern Africa. 243-251.
Joanna Burger, Michael Gochfeld.
Nest Site Selection in Mountain Bluebirds. 252-255.
Christopher J. Herlugson.
Populations, Feeding Ecology and Molt of Steller's Eiders. 256-262.
Margaret R. Petersen.
Treasurer's Report. 275-276.
The Bulletin Board. 276.

Short Communications

Visibility and Bias in Avian Foraging Data. 263-264.
Judith L. Wagner.
Growth of a Nestling Marbled Murrelet. 264-265.
Katherine V. Hirsch, Douglas A. Woodby, Lee B. Astheimer.
Neighbor/Stranger Song Discrimination in White-Crowned Sparrows. 265-267.
Myron Charles Baker, Daniel B. Thompson, Gregory L. Sherman.
Diuresis on the Desert? Effects of Fruit-And Nectar-Feeding on the House Finch and Other Species. 267-268.
William A. Calder Iii.
Nest Discovery and Selection By Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 268-269.
Charles F. Thompson, Bradley M. Gottfried.
Range Expansion of the Bronzed Cowbird with the First Missouri Record. 270-272.
Mark B. Robbins, David A. Easterla.
First Record of a Black-Legged Kittiwake in Idaho. 272-273.
John W. Connelly, Robert J. Gates.
Breeding Record for the Snowy Plover for Montana. 273.
Robert L. Eng.
Occurrence of Twin Gadwall Embryos. 273-274.
J. T. Lokemoen, D. E. Sharp.
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