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The Condor, Volume 83, Number 2 (1981)

Publication Information


Bird Communities and Forest Structure in the Sierra Nevada of California. 97-105.
Edward C. Beedy.
Time-Budgets, Energy Needs and Kleptoparasitism in Breeding Lesser Sheathbills (Chionis Minor). 106-112.
Alan E. Burger.
Microgeographic Variation in the Song of the Sage Sparrow. 113-119.
Terrell Rich.
Feeding Ecology of Marine Cormorants in Southwestern North America. 120-131.
David G. Ainley, Daniel W. Anderson, Paul R. Kelly.
Breeding Season Ecology and Behavior of Ridgway's Hawk (Buteo Ridgwayi). 132-151.
James W. Wiley, Beth Nethery Wiley.
Cowbird Parasitism, Host Fitness, and Age of the Host Female in an Island Song Sparrow Population. 152-161.
James N. M. Smith.
Emigration Behavior of Clark's Nutcracker. 162-170.
Stephen B. Vander Wall, Stephen W. Hoffman, Wayne K. Potts.
Recent Publications. 170-191.
Differential Use of Territorial Sites By Male Blue Grouse. 171-176.
Richard A. Lewis, Fred C. Zwickel.
News and Notes. 190-191.
The Bulletin Board. 191.

Short Communications

Estimation of the Relative Protein Cost of Reproduction in Birds. 177-179.
Charles T. Robbins.
Interspecific Allopreening Solicitation in Female Brewer's Blackbirds. 179-180.
Nicolaas A. M. Verbeek, Robert W. Butler, Howard Richardson.
Observations at a Twenty-Egg Killdeer Nest. 180-182.
John T. Mundahl, Oscar L. Johnson, Mark L. Johnson.
First Records of Black-Legged Seriema (Chunga Burmeisteri) in Bolivia. 182-183.
C. Gregory Schmitt, Donna C. Cole.
Description of the Nest and Eggs of the Peruvian Thick-Knee (Burhinus Superciliaris). 183-184.
Morris D. Williams.
Temporal Feeding Patterns of Some Tropical Frugivores. 185-187.
Gail E. Kantak.
Inheritance of Color Phases of Ferruginous Hawks. 187-189.
Sheila M. Schmutz, Josef K. Schmutz.
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