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The Condor, Volume 83, Number 1 (1981)

Publication Information


Brown Pelicans in Southern California: Habitat Use and Environmental Fluctuations. 1-15.
Kenneth T. Briggs, David B. Lewis, William Breck Tyler, George L. Hunt, Jr..
Recent Publications. 15-95.
Ecological Relations and Social Interactions of Philadelphia and Red-Eyed Vireos. 16-26.
Scott K. Robinson.
Flock Composition, Breeding Success, and Learning in the Brown Jay. 27-33.
Marcy F. Lawton, Carlos F. Guindon.
Plot Size as a Factor in Winter Bird-Population Studies. 34-41.
R. Todd Engstrom, Frances C. James.
Distribution Patterns of Raptors in Relation to Density of Meadow Voles. 42-47.
James A. Baker, Ronald J. Brooks.
Notes on Nesting Raptors in the Llanos of Venezuela. 48-51.
William J. Madeh.
Relationships Between Jackrabbit Abundance and Ferruginous Hawk Reproduction. 52-56.
Dwight G. Smith, Joseph R. Murphy, Neil D. Woffinden.
Reproductive Performance of Ring-Billed Gulls in Relation to Nest Location. 57-60.
Patricia Lynn Ryder, John P. Ryder.
Nesting of the Sage Thrasher, Sage Sparrow, and Brewer's Sparrow in Southeastern Idaho. 61-64.
Timothy D. Reynolds.
Migrant Birds at Shemya Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska. 65-77.
Daniel D. Gibson.
Information for Contributors. 92-93.
News and Notes. 94.
The Bulletin Board. 94.

Short Communications

Observations of a Large Roost of Common Ravens. 78.
Ravens B. Stiehl.
Age-Related Differences in Piracy of Frigatebirds From Laughing Gulls. 79-82.
Michael Gochfeld, Joanna Burger.
Cooperative Feeding, Defense of Young, and Flocking in the Black-Faced Grosbeak. 82-83.
Timothy C. Moermond.
First Description of the Nest, Eggs, and Young of the Tumbes Sparrow (Aimophila [Rhynchospiza] Stolzmanni). 83- 84.
Morris D. Williams.
Jabiru Nest, Nest Building, and Quintuplets. 84-85.
Betsy Trent Thomas.
Nest-Site Selection and the Radiative Environment of the Warbling Vireo. 86-88.
Clenn K. Walsberg.
Non-Random Orientation of Gila Woodpecker Nest Entrances in Saguaro Cacti. 88-89.
Richard S. Inouye, Nancy J. Huntly, David W. Inouye.
Observations of Feeding at Sea By a Peregrine Falcon and an Osprey. 89-90.
William Rogers, Stephen Leatherwood.
Embryonic Double Monster in the Wedge-Tailed Shearwater. 91.
Ted N. Pettit, G. Causey Whittow.
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