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The Condor, Volume 82, Number 4 (1980)



Winter Wren Singing Behavior: A Pinnacle of Song Complexity. 357-365.
Donald E. Kroodsma.
Migration in a Local Population of Spruce Grouse. 366-372.
Patrick W. Hersog, Daniel M. Keppie.
Diets of Pygoscelid Penguins at King George Island, Antarctica. 373-378.
Nicholas J. Volkman, Piotr Presler, Wayne Trivelpiece.
The Birds of Finca Merenberg, Huila Department, Colombia. 379-391.
Robert S. Ridgely, Steven J. C. Gaulin.
Breeding Biology of Curve-Billed Thrashers and Long-Billed Thrashers in Southern Texas. 392-397.
David H. Fischer.
Age-Specific Changes in the Major Body Components and Caloric Values of Herring Gull Chicks. 398-401.
Erica H. Dunn, I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr.
Ontogeny of Oxygen Consumption By Embryos of Two Species of Swallows (Hirundinidae). 402-405.
Geoffrey F. Birchard, Delbert L. Kilgore, Jr.
Sex-Specific Differences in Winter Distribution Patterns of Canvasbacks. 406-416.
James D. Nichols, G. Michael Haramis.
The Young Cowbird: Average Or Optimal Nestling? 417-425.
David Eastzer, Penn Richard Chu, Andrew P. King.
Frequency and Distribution of Polygyny in Great Lakes Herring Gulls in 1978. 426-429.
Gary W. Shugart.
Diversity and Abundance of Spring Migratory Birds Using Habitat Islands on the Great Plains. 430-439.
Thomas E. Martin.
Social Interactions in the Santa Cruz Scrub Jay. 440-448.
Jonathan L. Atwood.
Intra-Island Variation in the 'Elepaio on the Island of Hawai'i. 449-458.
H. Douglas Pratt.
Head-Down Or "Preening Invitation" Displays Involving Juvenile Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 459-460.
Peter E. Lowther, Stephen I. Rothstein.
Commentary. 476-477.
The Bulletin Board. 477.
News and Notes. 477.
Index to Volume 82. 479-492.

Short Communications

Observations of the Behavior of the Zigzag Heron. 460-461.
William E. Davis, Jr., Paul K. Donahue, Eleanor G. Perkins.
Development of Temperature Regulation in Nestling Tree Swallows. 461-463.
Richard L. Marsh.
A Nesting Hummingbird Feeding Solely on Arthropods. 463-464.
Robert D. Montgomerie, Catherine A. Redsell.
Foods of Breeding Tricolored Blackbirds in Agricultural Areas of Merced County, California. 465-467.
Joseph P. Skorupa, Roger L. Hothem, Richard W. Dehaven.
Limber Pine Seed Harvest By Clark's Nutcracker in the Sierra Nevada: Timing and Foraging Behavior. 467-468.
Diana F. Tomback, Kathryn A. Kramer.
Rictal Bristle Function in Willow Flycatcher. 469-471.
Michael R. Conover, Don E. Miller.
First Record of the Common Cuckoo From Mainland North America. 472.
Robert Gill, Jr., Colleen M. Handel.
Crested Auklet Found in California. 472.
Fred O. Weyman.
Changes in the Proportion of Bridled Murres in Northern Labrador. 473-474.
T. R. Birkhead, A. R. Lock.
Additional Puna Zone Bird Species on the Coast of Peru. 475.
R. A. Hughes.
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