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The Condor, Volume 81, Number 4 (1979)



The Avian Egg: Mass and Strength. 331-337.
Amos Ar, Hermann Rahn, Charles V. Paganelli.
Multi-Species Territoriality in Neotropical Foraging Flocks. 338-347.
Charles A. Munn, John W. Terborgh.
Recent Publications. 347-416.
Nest Sites and Population Demographies of White-Breasted and Pigmy Nuthatches in Colorado. 348-352.
Shuan M. Mcellin.
Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Colonial Nesting of White Pelicans. 353-363.
Fritz L. Knopf.
Time and Activity Budget of Ospreys Nesting in Northern California. 364-369.
Howard Levenson.
Occurrence and Feeding Ecology of the Common Flicker on Grand Cayman Island. 370-375.
Alexander Cruz, David W. Johnston.
Feeding Ecology and Prey Selection in the White Ibis. 376-389.
James A. Kushlan.
Seabirds and Fishing Vessels: Co-Occurrence and Attraction. 390-396.
Terence R. Wahl, Dennis Heinemann.
Breeding and Feeding Ecology of the Galapagos Dove. 397-403.
P. R. Grant, K. Thalia Grant.
Natural History of the Guam Rail. 404-408.
J. Mark Jenkins.
Vocalizations of the Rufous-Backed Thrush (Turdus Rufopalliatus) in Guerrero, Mexico. 409-416.
Gary L. Grabowski.
Morphological Correlates of Dominance in Captive Male Red-Winged Blackbirds. 417-420.
William A. Searcy.
News and Notes. 440-442.
The Bulletin Board. 442-444.
Index to Volume 81. 445-454.

Short Communications

Notes on the Vocalizations of the Mexican Chickadee. 421-423.
Keith L. Dixon, Dennis J. Martin.
Incidence of Distress Calls in Mist-Netted Birds. 423-424.
Michael Perrone, Jr., Dennis R. Paulson.
The Relationship Between Habitat and Song in the White-Throated Sparrow. 424-426.
Fred E. Wasserman.
Behavioral Implications of the Defense of a Shoveler Brood By Common Eiders. 427.
Patrick J. Weatherhead.
Physical Deformities in a Population of Wintering Blackbirds. 427-430.
Marjorie S. Sharp, Robert L. Neil.
The Uropygial Gland of the Sooty Tern. 430-432.
David W. Johnston.
Ring-Billed Gulls Feeding on Date Fruits. 432-433.
Gilbert S. Grant.
Oyster Predation By the Black Oystercatcher in British Columbia. 433-435.
Robert W. Butler, John W. Kirbyson.
Nest Site Selection in Eastern Bluebirds. 435-436.
Benedict C. Pinkowski.
Choice of Host Nest By the Brown-Headed Cowbird in Colorado and Wyoming. 436-437.
Lasdislav R. Hanka.
Starlings Become Established at Fairbanks, Alaska. 437-438.
Brina Kessel.
First Nesting Record of Gray-Hooded Gull From Ecuador. 438-439.
Robert S. Ridgley, David S. Wilcove.
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