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The Condor, Volume 81, Number 3 (1979)



Nest Inattentiveness and Its Influence on Development of the Young in the Supers Lyrebird. 225-231.
Alan Lill.
Demographic Parameters of a Nesting Colony of Snow Geese. 232-235.
D. S. Sulzbach, F. Cooke.
Responses of Barn Swallows to Eggs, Young, Nests, and Nest Sites. 236-246.
Joseph A. Grzybowski.
Guano Deposition in an Oklahoma Crow Roost. 247-250.
Randall E. Hicks.
Recent Publications. 250-298.
Anti-Predator Aggression in Birds Nesting in Old Field Habitats: An Experimental Analysis. 251-257.
Bradley M. Gottfried.
Territory Establishment in Red-Winged Blackbirds: Importance of Aggressive Behavior and Experience. 258-264.
Ken Yasukawa.
Photophase and Testicular Recrudescence in European Starlings. 265-268.
Robert G. Schwab, James T. Rutledge.
Competition and Predation: Herring Gulls Versus Laughing Gulls. 269-277.
Joanna Burger.
Spacing and Orientation Among Feeding Golden-Crowned Sparrows. 278-285.
Oliver P. Pearson.
The Ochre-Bellied Flycatcher and the Evolution of Lek Behavior. 286-292.
Barbara K. Snow, D. W. Snow.
Yolk Formation in Some Charadriiform Birds. 293-298.
T. E. Roudybush, C. R. Grau, M. R. Petersen, D. G. Ainley, K. V. Hirsch, A. P. Gilman, S. M. Patten.
Early Breeding Behavior of Lineated Woodpeckers. 299-303.
Lawrence Kilham, Patricia O'Brien.
Commentary. 324.
News and Notes. 325-328.
The Bulletin Board. 328.
Treasurer's Report Cooper Ornithological Society. 328.
Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements and Changes in Fund Balances. 329.
Special Publications Sale. 330.

Short Communications

Size and Mortality in Male Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. 304-305.
William A. Searcy.
Additional Data on Body Size as a Difference Related to Niche. 305-307.
Joanna Burger, J. Richard Trout.
Great Horned Owl Predation on a Short-Eared Owl. 307-308.
Cynthia K. Bluhm, E. Kevin Ward.
Nesting of the White-Whiskered Tree Swift in Malaya. 308-311.
H. Elliott McClure.
A Congregation of Wintering Bald Eagles. 311-313.
R. E. Fitzner, W. C. Hanson.
Development of Song of a Rufous-Sided Towhee Raised in Acoustic Isolation. 313-316.
David N. Ewert.
Food of Silvery Grebes (Podiceps Occipitalis) at Lake Cuicocha, Ecuador. 316.
Susan G. Hilsenbeck.
Notes on the Status of Acorn Woodpeckers in Central Mexico. 317-318.
Walter D. Koenig, Pamela L. Williams.
Notes on Siptornis Striaticollis (Furnariidae) in Peru. 319.
J. William Eley, Cary R. Craves, Theodore A. Parker, Iii, David R. Hunter.
First Nest Description for the Genus Micrastur (Forest Falcons). 320.
William J. Mader.
The Great Potoo in Costa Rica. 320-321.
Donald R. Perry.
Calls of the Great Potoo. 322.
Paul Slud.
Greater Shearwater in Costa Rica. 323.
Gail Speaker Carr.
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