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The Condor, Volume 81, Number 1 (1979)



Habitat and Resource Relationships in Acorn Woodpeckers. 1-8.
Robert C. Roberts.
Recent Publications. 8-52.
Comparative Population Bioenergetics of Three Insectivorous Passerines in a Deciduous Forest. 9-20.
Richard T. Holmes, Craig Patrick Black, Thomas W. Sherry.
Patterns of Alpha-Diversity and Abundance in Breeding Bird Communities Across North America. 21-27.
Jeffrey J. Short.
Adaptive Significance of the Variable Dispersion Pattern of Breeding Northern Orioles. 28-34.
Barbara Yohai Pleasants.
Laying Dates, Clutch Size and Egg Weight of Captive Mallards. 35-41.
Bruce D. J. Batt, Harold H. Prince.
Wing Molt and Weights of Barnacle Geese in Spitsbergen. 42-52.
Myrfyn Owen, M. A. Ogilvie.
Graded Frequency Variations of the Tremolo Call of the Common Loon (Gavia Immer). 53-64.
William E. Barklow.
Observations on Distribution, Diet, and Breeding of the Hawaiian Thrush. 65-71
Charles Van Riper Iii, J. Michael Scott.
Fecal Sac Ingestion in the Mountain White-Crowned Sparrow. 72-77.
Martin L. Morton.
Probable Non-Breeders Among Female Blue Grouse. 78-82.
Susan J. Hannon, Fred C. Zwickel.
The Bulletin Board. 103.
News and Notes. 110.

Short Communications

"Leader-Follower" Singing in Red-Winged Blackbirds. 83-84.
Douglas G. Smith, Douglas O. Norman.
On the Function of Prey Beating By Roadrunners. 85-87.
Kathleen G. Beal, Linda D. Gillam.
The Source of the Dive-Noise of the Anna's Hummingbird. 87-89.
Luis F. Baptista, Margaret Matsui.
Metabolic Rate in Five Tropical Bird Species. 89-91.
Carol M. Vleck, David Vleck.
Experimental Evidence for Facilitation of Pair Formation By Bright Color in Weaverbirds. 91-93.
E. C. Collias, N. E. Collias, C. H. Jacobs, F. Mcalary, J. T. Fujimoto.
The Association of Marine Birds and Feeding Gray Whales. 93-95.
Craig S. Harrison.
Additional Records of White-Winged Doves in Colorado. 96.
Clait E. Braun, Vincent H. Reid, Tom D. Ray, Roger L. Boyd.
Multiple Nesting Attempts By Alaskan Redpolls. 96-97.
Declan M. Troy, Gerald F. Shields.
Status of Some Birds on Isla San Andres and Isla Providencia, Colombia. 98-100.
Stephen M. Russell, Jon C. Barlow, Donald W. Lamm.
Snake and Pond Snails as Food of Grey-Necked Wood-Rails. 100-101.
Lawrence Kilham.
A Nest of the Collared Gnatwren (Microbates Collaris). 101-102.
Yoshika Oniki, Edwin O. Willis.
First Record of Leach's Storm-Petrel in Costa Rica: A Correction. 102-103.
Paul Slud.

Special Report

Ornithology in the People's Republic of China (Prc). 104-109.
Robert J. Grimm.
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