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The Condor, Volume 80, Number 3 (1978)

3 (July)


Metabolism of Avian Embryos: Ontogeny and Temperature Effects in the Ostrich. 265-271.
Donald F. Hoyt, David Vleck, Carol M. Vleck.
Egg Weight Loss and Nest Humidity During Incubation in Two Alaskan Gulls. 272-275.
K. R. Morgan, C. V. Paganelli, H. Rahn.
Avian Communities in Temperate and Tropical Alder Forests. 276-284.
Edmund W. Stiles.
Snow Conditions and the Onset of Breeding in the Mountain White-Crowned Sparrow. 285-289.
Martin L. Morton.
Seasonal Patterns of Nesting Mortality in the Red-Winged Blackbird. 290-294.
Donald F. Caccamise.
Seasonal Trends in Summer Diet of the Lapland Longspur Near Barrow, Alaska. 295-301.
Thomas W. Custer, Frank A. Pitelka.
Multivariate Study of Morphological Variation in Galapagos and Ecuadorean Mockingbirds. 302-308.
Ian Abbott, I. K. Abbott.
New Information on Asiatic Birds in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. 309-315.
G. Vernon Byrd, John L. Trapp, Daniel D. Gibson.
Factors Affecting the Use of Hunting Sites By Ferruginous Hawks. 316-326.
James S. Wakeley.
Hunting Methods and Factors Affecting Their Use By Ferruginous Hawks. 327-333.
James S. Wakeley.
Phainopepla Utilization of Honey Mesquite Forests in the Colorado River Valley. 334-338.
Bertin W. Anderson, Robert D. Ohmart.
Recent Publications. 350-351.
News and Notes. 352-354.
Bulletin Board. 354.

Short Communications

Adoption of Spectacled Eider Ducklings By Artic Loons. 339-340.
Kenneth F. Abraham.
Incubation Behavior of the Dead Sea Sparrow. 340-343.
Y. Yom-Tov, A. Ar, H. Mendelssohn.
An Albinistic Mountain Quail From Oregon. 343-344.
John A. Crawford.
A New Hybrid Oystercatcher From South America, Haematopus Leucopodus X H. Ater. 344-346.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr..
Behavior of a Pair of Sandhill Cranes on the Day of Nest Destruction. 346-347.
Carroll D. Littlefield.
Alarm Call of Crested Guan When Attacked By Ornate Hawk-Eagle. 347-348.
Lawrence Kilham.
Cowbird Parasitism of Sage and Brewer's Sparrows. 348.
Terrell D. G. Rich.
Corvids Using Objects to Displace Gulls From Nests. 349.
W. A. Montevecchi.
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