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The Condor, Volume 80, Number 2 (1978)

2 (April)


Diving By Shearwaters. 123-125.
R. G. B. Brown, W. R. P. Bourne, Terence R. Wahl.
The Evolution of Mating Systems in Grouse. 126-137.
James F. Wittenberger.
Activity Patterns and Social Behavior of Non-Breeding Adelie Penguins. 138-146.
David G. Ainley.
Reproductive Habits in the Snow Goose: the Influence of Female Age. 147-158.
George Finney, Fred Cooke.
Pair-Formation Displays of the Great Egret. 159-172.
Douglas W. Mock.
Passerine Subadult Plumages and the Deceptive Acquisition of Resources: Test of a Critical Assumption. 173-179.
Sievert Rohwer.
Breeding Ecology of House Sparrows: Spatial Variation. 180-193.
Edward C. Murphy.
Vocalizations of the Whimbrel on Its Breeding Grounds. 194-202.
Margaret A. Skeel.
Vocalizations of Cassin's Finch in Northern Utah. 203-210.
Fred B. Samson.
Coloniality in Terns: the Role of Social Feeding. 211-215.
R. Michael Erwin.
Territorial Defense Against Hummingbirds and Insects By Tropical Hummingbirds. 216-221.
Thomas C. Boyden.
Effects of Photoperiod and Temperature on Postnuptial Molt in Captive White-Crowned Sparrows. 222-229.
John D. Chilgren.
Differences in the Composition of Venous and Cardiac Blood From White-Crowned Sparrows. 230-234.
Michael D. Kern, William A. De Graw.
Recent Publications. 252-253.
News and Notes. 254-255.
Bylaws of the Cooper Ornithological Society. 256-260.
Cooper Ornithological Society. 261.
Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements and Changes in Fund Balances. 262.
The Bulletin Board. 263.
Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation. 263.

Short Communications

Fishing Vessel Endangered By Crested Auklet Landings. 235-236.
Matthew H. Dick, William Donaldson.
Ravens Attracted to Wolf Howling. 236-237.
Fred H. Harrington.
Song Variation in Dark-Eyed Juncos in Nova Scotia. 237-240.
Laidlaw Williams, Michael H. Macroberts.
Ruffed Grouse Use of Supraorbital Combs in Displays. 240.
Stephen J. Maxson.
Weights of Colorado Sage Grouse. 241-243.
Thomas D. I. Beck, Clait E. Braun.
Body Temperature and Heart Rate of the Snowy Owl. 243-245.
James A. Gressaman.
Seasonal Variation of Femur and Tibiotarsus Constituents in Canada Geese. 246-248.
Dennis G. Raveling, Mamduh Sifri, Robert B. Knudsen.
Tonic Immobility Responses of Herring Gull Chicks. 248-249.
William Montevecchi.
Red-Legged Kittiwake Colonies in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. 250.
G. Vernon Byrd.
Predation on Hummingbird By Oropendola. 251.
Gary R. Graves.
Behavioral Adjustments to Flightlessness By Meadowlarks and Terns. 251-252.
Michael Gochfeld.
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