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The Condor, Volume 79, Number 4 (1977)

4 (October)


The Occupation of Small Islands By Passerine Birds. 399-412.
Douglass H. Morse.
Notes on the Taxonomy of Vultures. 413-416.
Dean Amadon.
The Composition of Four Bird Communities in South Texas Brush-Grasslands. 417-425.
Roland R. Roth.
Taxonomic Distribution, Origin, and Evolution of Bilateral Scratching in Ground-Feeding Birds. 426-439.
Jon S Greenlaw.
The Molt of the American Goldfinch. 440-444.
A. L. A. Middleton.
The Annual Cycle of White-Crowned Sparrows (Zonotrichia Leucophrys Nuttalli) in Coastal California. 445-455.
L. Richard Mewaldt, James R. King.
Urban Cemeteries as Bird Refuges. 456-461.
John Lussenhop.
The Feeding Ecology and Behavior of Five Species of Herons in Southeastern New Jersey. 462-470.
David E. Willard.
The Digestion of Heather By Red Grouse During the Spring. 471-477.
Robert Moss.
Breeding of the Common Eider (Somateria Mollissima) on the Beaufort Sea Coast of Alaska. 478-485.
Douglas Schamel.
Distribution and Density of Black Rail Populations Along the Lower Colorado River. 486-489.
Charles F. Repking, Robert D. Ohmart.
The Importance of Directional Sound Radiation in Avian Vocalization. 490-493.
Steve R. Witkin.
Recent Publications. 509-510.
News and Notes. 511.
The Bulletin Board. 512.
Index to Volume 79. 513-522.

Short Communications

Temporal Range Extension of Neophrontops Americanus(Accipitridae). 494-495.
Patricia Vickers Rich.
Prey of Bat Hawks and Availability of Bats. 495-497.
M. B. Fenton, D. H. M. Cumming, D. J. Oxley.
Reproducibility of Hybrid Index Scores. 497-498.
Kendall W. Corbin, George F. Barrowclough.
Olfaction in Snow Petrels. 498-499.
Pierre Jouventin.
Tree-Nesting Peregrine Falcons in British Columbia. 500-501.
R. Wayne Campbell, Marilyn A. Paul, Michael S. Rodway, Harry R. Carter.
Great Blue Herons Interrupt Nest-Guarding to Drink. 501-502.
Helen M. Pratt.
Early Parent-Young Interactions in Red Junglefowl: Earlobe Pecking. 503-504.
David B. Miller.
Foods of Juvenile, Brood Hen, and Post-Breeding Pintails in North Dakota. 504-507.
Gary L. Krapu, George A. Swanson.
Ticks as a Factor in Nest Desertion of California Brown Pelicans. 507-509.
Kirke A. King, James O. Keith, Christine A. Mitchell, James E. Keirans.
Bull Snake Preys on Rough-Winged Swallow Nest. 509.
Louis B. Best.
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