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The Condor, Volume 79, Number 3 (1977)

3 (July)


Breeding Adaptations in the Eastern Bluebird. 289-302.
Benedict C. Pinkowski.
Breeding Habitats of the Wood Thrush and Veery. 303-311.
Robert I. Bertin.
The Relationship of Habitat Quality to Group Size in Hall's Babbler (Pomatostomus Halli). 312-320.
Jerram L. Brown, Russell P. Balda.
The Functional Significance of the Avian Pecten: A Review. 321-327.
Vincent Brach.
Cineradiographic Studies of Gastric Motility in the Great Horned Owl (Bubo Virginianus). 328-334.
D. D. Rhoades, G. E. Duke.
Rapid Evolution in Orioles of the Genus Icterus. 335-342.
Kendall W. Corbin, Charles G. Sibley.
Plumage Sequence and Taxonomy of Laysan and Nihoa Finches. 343-348.
Richard C. Banks, Roxie C. Laybourne.
Geographic Variation of the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker. 349-355.
Robert M. Mengel, Jerome A. Jackson.
Geographic Variation in Song and Dialects of the Puget Sound White-Crowned Sparrow. 356-370.
Luis F. Baptista.
Seasonal Foraging in a Downy Woodpecker Population. 371-375.
Joseph Travis.
Reactions of Some Panamanian Birds to Human Intrusion at the Nest. 376-379.
Robert E. Ricklefs.
The Bulletin Board. 397.
Recent Publications. 397.
News and Notes. 398.
Statement of Ownership. 398-399.
A Bird Watcher's Adventures in Tropical America. 400.
Alexander F. Skutch.

Short Communications

The Snowshoe Effect" of the Feathering on Ptarmigan Feet". 380-382.
E. O. Hohn.
Snow Cover and the Use of Trees By Spruce Grouse in Autumn. 382-384.
Daniel M Keppie.
Color Preference and Short-Term Learning By Steller's Jays. 384-386.
Mary Slaby, Frank Slaby.
Foraging Rates of Starlings in Two Habitats. 386-387.
C. Barbara Brownsmith.
Rediscovery of the Crescent-Faced Antpitta in Colombia. 387-388.
Carlos Lehmann V., J. R. Silliman, E. Eisenmann.
Hooded Antpitta (Grallaricula Cucullata) in the Eastern Andes of Colombia. 389.
Paul E. Gertler.
Comments on the Extinction of Loxigilla Portoricensis Grandis in St. Kitts, Lesser Antilles. 389-390.
Herbert A. Raffaele.
A Nest of the Mexican Red Warbler. 390-391.
Paul D. Haemig.
Peregrine Falcon Sightings in Eastern Peru. 391-392.
Michael Gochfeld.
Recent Nestings of the Merlin in Idaho. 392.
Timothy Craig, Frank Renn.
Sun Compass Orientation in a Nocturnal Migrant, the White-Throated Sparrow. 393-395.
Kenneth P. Able, Patricia M. Dillon.
Snowy Owl Predation on Short-Eared Owls. 395.
Simon A. Levin, Jacob E. Levin, Robert T. Paine.
Effects of Molting on Dustbathing in Japanese Quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica). 395-396.
Barbara Bliss, Frank H. Heppner.
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