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The Condor, Volume 79, Number 1 (1977)

1 (January)


Dominance in the Florida Scrub Jay. 1-12.
Glen E. Woolfenden, John H. Fitzpatrick.
The Preening Invitation Or Head-Down Display of Parasitic Cowbirds: I. Evidence for Intraspecific Occurrence. 13- 23.
Stephen I. Rothstein.
The Effect of Dietary Lysine Level on the Energy and Nitrogen Balance of the Dark-Eyed Junco. 24-30.
John W. Parrish Jr., Elden W. Martin.
Growth Energetics of the White Ibis. 31-36.
James Kushlan.
Growth and Development of the Rufous-Winged Sparrow (Aimophila Carpalis). 37-50.
George T. Austin, Robert E. Ricklefs.
Maintenance and Anti-Insect Behaviour of Six Species of Ciconiiform Birds in South Florida. 51-55.
George R. Maxwell Ii, Herbert W. Kale Ii.
Shorebird Food Habits in the Eastern Canadian Arctic. 56-62.
Myron Charles Barker.
Food Caching By Female American Kestrels in Winter. 63-68.
Michael W. Collopy.
Foraging Efficiency and Parental Care in Colibri Coruscans. 69-75.
F. Reed Hainsworth.
Seasonal Variation in the Genus Leucosticte in North America. 76-86.
Richard E. Johnson.
Winter Distribution of Juvenile and Older Red-Footed Boobies From the Hawaiian Islands. 87-90.
Brian A. Harrington.
New Information on Costa Rican Waterbirds. 91-97.
F. Gary Stiles, Susan M. Smith.
Breeding Behavior and Food Habits of the Wattled Jacana. 98-105.
David R. Osborne, Godfrey R. Bourne.
Individual Variation in Songs of Dark-Eyed Juncos. 106-112.
Laidlaw Williamst, Michael H. Macroberts.
Song Dialects in the Bobolink (Dolichonyx Oryzivorus). 113-118.
Michael Avery, Lewis W. Oring.
Recent Publications. 137-139.
News and Notes. 140-141.
Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation. 141.
the Bulletin Board. 141.

Short Communications

The Shiny Cowbird in the West Indies. 119-121.
William Post, James W. Wiley.
Continued Eastern Expansion of Breeding Range of Ross' Goose. 121-123.
J.P. Prevett, F. C. Johnson.
Age Differences in the Digging Frequency of Herring Gulls on a Dump. 123-125.
Nicolaas A. M. Verbeek.
Mate Attraction Function of Song in the White-Throated Sparrow. 125-127.
Frederick E. Wasserman.
Food Caching in the Screech Owl. 127.
Frank J. S. Phelan.
Head-Scratching By a One-Legged Chaffinch. 127-128.
Joan Hall-Craggs.
A Hybrid American Avocet X Black-Necked Stilt. 128-129.
William L. Principe, Jr..
Area-Volume Relationship for a Bird's Egg. 129-131.
J. B. Tatum.
The Nest and Egg of the Black Solitary Eagle. 132-133.
Ed N. Harrison, Lloyd F. Kiff.
The Egg of the Crowned Solitary Eagle, Harpyhaliaetus Coronatus. 133.
Helmut Sick, Dante Martins Teixeira.
Temporal Patterns in Laying, Hatching and Incubation of Sooty Terns and Brown Noddies. 133-136.
William Y. Brown.
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