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The Condor, Volume 78, Number 4 (1976)

4 (October)


Dynamics of Bird Communities in the Chihuahuan Desert, New Mexico. 427-442.
Ralph J. Raitt, Stuart L. Pimm.
Geographic Variation in the Placement and Structure of Oriole Nests. 443-448.
V. H. Schaeffer.
Mixed Species Flocks of Birds in Hill Forests in Ceylon. 449-453.
Linda Partridge, Ruth Ashcroft.
Reproductive Behavior of the Yellow-Billed Loon, Gavia Adamsii. 454-463.
S. Sjolander, G. Agren.
Ferruginous Hawk Nesting Ecology and Raptor Populations in Northern South Dakota. 464-470.
John T. Lokemoen, Harold F. Duebbert.
Colonial Breeding in the Barn Swallow (Hirundo Rustica) and Its Adaptive Significance. 471-480.
Barbara Denniston Snapp.
Factors Determining the Number and Size of Eggs Laid By the Herring Gull. 481-492.
Jasper Parsons.
The Development of Endothermy and Existence Energy Expenditure in Herring Gull Chicks. 493-498.
Erica H. Dunn.
Survival and Mobility in a Population of Pacific Coast Song Sparrows (Melospiza Melodia Gouldii). 499-504.
Richard Halliburton, L. Richard Mewaldt.
Pterylosis and Molt in Cassin's Finch. 505-511.
Fred B. Samson.
Incubation Behavior of Ruddy and Maccoa Ducks. 512-517.
W. R. Siegfried, A. E. Burger, P. J. Caldwell.
A Critique of Interspecific Territoriality and Character Convergence. 518-525.
Bertram G. Murray, Jr..
Short-Time-Base Studies of Turnover in Breeding Bird Populations on the California Channel Islands. 526-549.
H. Lee Jones, Jared M. Diamond.
News and Notes. 573-574.
Recent Publications. 574-575.
The Bulletin Board. 575.
Index to Volume 78. 576-587.

Short Communications

Estimation of the Duration of Bird Molt. 550.
Stuart L. Pimm.
More on Chicken-Turkey-Pheasant Resemblances. 550-553.
Gary D. Schnell, D. Scott Wood.
Similarity of a Tyrant-Flycatcher and a Silky-Flycatcher: Not All Character Convergence Is Competitive Mimicry. 553.
Edwin O. Willis.
Geographical Ecology of the Common Species of Buteo and Parabuteo Wintering in North America. 554-557.
Carl E. Hock, Larry W. Lefthien.
Growth of the Swainson's Hawk. 557-558.
James W. Parker.
Mortality of Banded Peregrine Falcons That Have Been Held in Captivity. 558-560.
Williston Shor.
Recent Range Extensions of the Barred Owl in Western North America, Including the First Records for Oregon. 560- 561.
Avery L. Taylor, Jr., Eric D. Forsman.
Polygyny in the Western Wood Pewee. 561-562.
Robert C. Eckhardt.
Cannibalism in the Pinon Jay. 562-564.
Russell Balda, Gary C. Bateman.
Effects of Nasal Tufts and Nasal Respiration on Thermoregulation and Evaporative Water Loss in the Common Crow. 564- 567.
Bruce A. Wunder, Joseph J. Trebella.
Galapagos Mockingbird Pecks at Sea Lion Mouth. 567.
Stephen A. Trimble.
Dominance Hierarchies in Winter Song Sparrows. 567-569.
Richard W. Knapton, John R. Kerbs.
The Oxygen Consumption of the Mountain White-Crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia Leucophrys Oriantha) in Relation to Air Temperature. 569-570.
Catherine S. Maxwell, James R. King.
Avian Endocrinology-Field Investigations and Methods. 570-573.
John C. Wingfield, Donald S. Farner.
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