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The Condor, Volume 78, Number 3 (1976)

Publication Information
3 (July)


Declines in Populations of Peregrine Falcons and Their Seabird Prey at Langara Island, British Columbia. 281-293.
R. Wayne Nelson, M. T. Myres.
Biology of Nesting Ancient Murrelets. 294-306.
Spencer G. Sealy.
Ecological Complementarity of Three Sympatric Parids in a California Oak Woodland. 307-316.
Paul E. Hertz, J. V. Remsen, Stacey I. Zones.
Sexual and Seasonal Differences in Foraging of Ladder-Backed Woodpeckers. 317-323.
George T. Austin.
Prey Selectivity By the Wood Stork. 324-330.
John C. Ogden, James A. Kushlan, James T. Tilmant.
A Review of Prey Selection By the Long-Earned Owl. 331-336.
Carl D. Marti.
The Clutch Size and Numbers of Eggs of Brown-Headed Cowbirds: Effects of Latitude and Breeding Season. 337-342.
Robert B. Payne.
The Effect of Shape on the Surface-Volume Relationships of Birds' Eggs. 343-349.
Donald F. Hoyt.
Development of Endothermy and Existence Energy Expenditure of Nestling Double-Crested Cormorants. 350-356.
Erica H. Dunn.
The Ontogeny of Cricket Killing and Mouse Killing in Loggerhead Shrikes (Lanius Ludovicianus L.). 357-365.
Everette L. Bushee.
The Origin of Petrel Stomach Oils-A Review. 366-367.
M. J. Imber.
Birds of the Plesyumi Area, Central New Britain. 368-372.
Ronald I. Orenstein.
Relation of Park Size and Vegetation to Urban Bird Populations in Seattle, Washington. 373-382.
Carol A. Gavareski.
Temporal Change and Habitat Preference of Some Montane Breeding Birds. 383-393.
Barbara L. Winternitz.
Avifauna Richness on the California Channel Islands. 394-398.
Dennis M. Power.
Fossil Ravens From the Pleistocene of Dry Cave, Eddy County, New Mexico. 399-404.
Deborah P. Magish, Arthur H. Harris.
Recent Southern Nevada Bird Records. 405-408.
Geroge T. Austin, Amadeo M. Rea.
Recent Publications. 424-425.
New Journals. 425.
The Bulletin Board. 426.
News and Notes. 426.

Short Communications

The Apparent Use of Rocks By a Raven in Nest Defense. 409.
Stewar W. Janes.
Food and Foraging Ecology of the American Kestrel in Jamaica. 409-412.
Alexander Cruz.
Raptor Mortality Due to Drowning in a Livestock Watering Tank. 412.
Timothy H. Craig, Leon R. Powers.
The Evolution of Color Differences Between Nashville and Virginia's Warblers. 412-414.
Alan H. Brush, Ned K. Johnson.
The Occurrence of Unused Ring-Billed Gull Nests. 415-418.
John P. Ryder.
Further Bird Records From Western Montana. 418-420.
Philip L. Wright.
Comments on Feeding Habits and Vulture-Mimicry in the Zone-Tailed Hawk. 420-421.
Dale A. Zimmerman.
Remains of Pleistocene Birds From Isla De Guadalupe, Mexico. 421-422.
Carl L. Hubbs, Joseph R. Jehl, Jr..
First Description of the Eggs of the Cinnamon Becard. 422-423.
Steve West.
The Adaptive Significance of Dull Coloration in Yellow Warblers. 423.
Eugene S. Morton.
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