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The Condor, Volume 78, Number 2 (1976)

2 (April)


Acorn Woodpecker Breeding Strategy as Affected By Starling Nest-Hole Competition. 151-165.
Ruth G. Troetschler.
Behavioral Defenses to Brood Parasitism By Potential Hosts of the Brown-Headed Cowbird. 166-173.
Baleich J. Robertson, Richard F. Norman.
The Influence of Simulated Solar Radiation on the Metabolic Rate of White-Crowned Sparrows. 174-179.
Alvin A. De Jong.
Thermal Environment of the Nest and Related Parental Behavior in Snowy Plovers, Charadrius Alexandrinus. 180-185.
James R. Purdue.
Effects of Weather on the Nocturnal Activity of White-Throated Sparrows. 186-194.
Robert E. Muller.
Vocalizations of the Lazuli Bunting. 195-207.
William L. Thompson.
Mechanics of the Syrinx in Gallus Gallus. I. A. Comparison of Pressure Events in Chickens to Those in Oscines. 208- 223.
Abbot S. Gaunt, Sandra L. L. Gaunt, Dwight H. Hector.
Aspects of House Finch Breeding Biology in Hawaii. 224-229.
Charles Van Riper Iii.
Song Divergence in Hummingbird and Junco Populations on Guadalupe Island. 230-235.
Edward N. Mirsky.
The Whistling Warbler of St. Vincent, West Indies. 236-243.
Robert F. Andrle, Patricia R. Andrle.
Feeding Habits and Morphological Variation in Cocos Finches. 244-248.
James N. M. Smith, Hugh P. A. Sweatman.
Effect of Molting on the Energy Requirements of Japanese Quail. 249-252.
D. C. Thompson, D. A. Boag.
Sapsucker Hybridization in British Columbia: Changes in 25 Years. 253-257.
D. M. Scott, C. Davison Ankney, C. H. Jarosch.
News and Notes. 274-276.
Cooper Ornithological Society. 277.
Selected Recent Publications. 278-280.
The Bulletin Board. 280.

Short Communications

Comparative Hematology of Some Falconiforms. 258-259.
J. Balasch, S. Musquera, L. Palacios, M. Jimenez, J. Palomeque.
Comparison of Variable Strip Transect and Spot-Map Methods for Censusing Avian Populations in a Mixed-Coniferous Forest. 260- 262.
Kathleen E. Franzreb.
A Local Occurrence of Avian Pox in the House Finch. 262-263.
Dennis M. Power, Gerrie Human.
Growth and Fledging Age of the Brown Noddy in Hawaii. 263-264.
William Y. Brown.
Red-Footed Booby Helper at Great Frigatebird Nests. 264-265.
Faul W. Woodward.
Breeding Status of the Mountain Plover. 265-267.
Walter D. Graul, Lois E. Webster.
Superimposition of an Amakihi Nest on One of an Elepaio. 267-269.
Charles Van Riper Iii.
Shrikes Feed on Prey Remains Left By Hawks. 269.
R. M. Anderson.
Additional Exploiters of Nectar. 269-271.
Lanny H. Fisk, David A. Steen.
Inland Migration of Jaegers in Northeastern Alaska. 271-273.
Frederick C. Dean, Patrick Valkenburg, Audrey J. Magoun.
Cattle Egrets in Central Coahuila. 273.
Bruce D. Parfitt.
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