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The Condor, Volume 78, Number 1 (1976)

1 (January)


The Age of Laysan Albatrosses, Diomedea Immutabilis, at First Breeding. 1-9.
Margaret T. Van Byzin, Harve I. Fisher.
Taste Preferences, Color Preferences, and Flower Choice in Hummingbirds. 10-26.
F. Gary Stiles.
Mating System and Reproductive Biology of Malachite Sunbirds. 27-39.
Larry L. Wolf, Janet S. Wolf.
Mohave Desert Avifauna in the Virgin River Valley of Utah, Nevada and Arizona. 40-48.
William H. Behle.
Metabolism and Thermoregulation in Hatchling Ring-Tailed Gulls. 49-60.
William R. Dawson, Albert F. Bennett, Jack W. Hudson.
The Breeding of Sooty Terns and Brown Noddies on Manana Island Hawaii. 61-66.
William Y. Brown.
A Comparison of Some Aspects of the Breeding Ecology of Red-Headed and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers in Kansas. 67-76.
Jerome A. Jackson.
Digestion of Dry Matter and Absorption of Water in the Intestine and Cecum of Rock Ptaremigan. 77-84.
William C. Gasaway, Robert G. White, Dan F. Holleman.
The Pelagic Feeding Habits of Ivory and Ross' Gulls. 85-90.
George J. Divoky.
News and Notes. 146-148.
Recent Publications. 148-150.
The Bulletin Board. 150.

Short Communications

Body Size and Longevity in Birds. 91-94.
William A. Calder.
Use of Bilateral Scratching Behavior By Emberizines and Icterids. 94-97.
Jon S. Greenlaw.
The Effect of Large Song Repertoires on Neighbor Recognition" in Male Song Sparrows". 97-99.
Donald E. Kroodsma.
Effect of Sympathy on Meadowlark Vocalizations. 100-101.
Julie Meents Ordal.
Nonrandom Orientation of Entrance Holes to Woodpecker Nests in Aspen Trees. 101-102.
D. W. Inouye.
Sharp-Shinned Hawk Nesting and Nest Site Selection in Utah. 102-103.
Joseph B. Platt.
The Influence of Early Learning on Nest Site Selection in the House Sparrow. 103-104.
Calvin L. Cink.
On the Tongues of Sunbirds. 104-107.
Robert \ Schlamowitz, F. Reed Hainsworth, Larry L. Wolf.
Cecal Fermentation in Mallards in Relation to Diet. 107-111.
Michael R. Miller.
First Record of the Whiskered Owl in New Mexico. 112.
J. David Ligon, Gene L. Brenowitz.
First Breeding Records of the Barn Owl in Idaho. 112.
Dwight G. Smith, Gary Burkholder.
First Breeding Records of Merlins in Montana. 112-114.
David H. Ellis.
The Mississippi Kite in Arizona: A Second Record. 114-115.
Steven W. Carothers, R. Roy Johnson.
Extension of the Breeding Range of the Black Oystercatcher in Alaska. 115.
Thomas J. Eley, Jr..
The Breeding Distribution of Smith's Longspur in Alaska. 116-117.
Bryan L. Sage.
An Observation of Nocturnal Passerine Migration Through Panama. 117-118.
Robert C. Beason.
Additional Records of Birds From the Mollendo District, Coast of Southwest Peru. 118-119.
R. A. Hughes.
Mobbing Behavior By Crows: the Effect of the Crow-In-Distress" Model". 120.
David P. Barash.
Reactions of Quail to Flying Vultures. 120-121.
Helmut C. Mueller.
Existence Metabolism. 121-124.
Stuart L. Pimm.
Energetics of Growth for Black-Bellied True Ducks. 124-128.
Brian W. Cain.
Prolonged Parental Care in the Sooty Tern and Brown Noddy. 128-129.
William Y. Brown.
Successive Polygyny in Upland Nesting Redwinged Blackbirds. 129-133.
Nigel R. Blakley.
Food Supply and Nest Timing of Broad-Tailed Hummingbirds in the Rocky Mountains. 133-135.
Nickolas M. Waser.
Duration of Feeding Bouts and Responses to Salt Solutions By Hummingbirds at Artificial Feeders. 135-138.
D. M. Broom.
Environmental Familiarity and Activity: Aspects of Prey Selection for a Ferruginous Hawk. 138-139.
Ron L. Snyder, William Jenson, Carl D. Cheney.
Bioenergetics and Prey Selection of Captive Barn Owls. 139-141.
Lorna C. Wallick, Gary W. Barrett.
Roadrunner Catches Hummingbird in Flight. 142.
Sally Hoyt Spofford.
Fall Diet of Lesser Prairie Chickens in West Texas. 142-144.
John A. Crawford, Eric G. Bolen.
Fat Content and Flight Range in Shorebirds Summering on Enewetak Atoll. 144-145.
Oscar W. Johnson, Martin L. Morton.
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