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The Condor, Volume 77, Number 4 (1975)

4 (October)


Intra-And Interspecific Aggression in House Finches and Houses Sparrows. 375-384.
Ronald Kalinoski.
How Birds Develop Song Dialects. 385-406.
Robert E. Lemon.
Song Dialects and Colonization in the House Finch, Carpodacus Mexicanus, on the East Coast. 407-422.
Paul Mundinger.
Nesting Parameters of Blue Grouse and Their Relevance to Populations. 423-430.
Fred C. Zwickel.
Growth, Body Components and Energy Content of Nestling Double-Crested Cormorants. 431-438.
Erica H. Dunn.
Model Estimation of Energy Flow in Oregon Coastal Seabird Populations. 439-452.
John A. Wiens, J. Michael Scott.
The Relation of Foliage Complexity to Ecological Diversity of Three Amazonian Bird Communities. 453-466.
David L. Pearson.
Flow of Digesta in the Intestine and Cecum of the Rock Ptarmigan. 467-474.
William C. Gasaway, Dan F. Holleman, Robert G. White.
News and Notes. 518-520.
Selected Recent Publications. 520-522.
The Bulletin Board. 522.
Index to Volume 77. 523-536.

Short Communications

Heat Loss From Ducks Feet Immersed in Cold Water. 475-478.
Delbert L. Kilgore, Jr., Knut Schmidt-Nielsen.
Inverted Flight in Canada Geese. 478-480.
Frank H. Heppner, Christopher Willard.
Three Adult Red-Tailed Hawks Tending a Nest. 480-482.
James W. Wiley.
Extra Adults at Harris Hawk Nests. 482-485.
William J. Mader.
Hunting Tactics of a Peregrine Falcon on Black Turnstones. 485.
R. Wayne Campbell.
Plumage Variation in the Masked Bobwhite. 486-487.
Richard C. Banks.
Observations on Roof-Nesting Killdeers. 487-488.
Salome Ross Demaree.
Role of the Chick's Begging Behavior in the Regulation of Parental Feeding Behavior of Larus Glaucescens. 488-492.
Bryan A. Henderson.
Effects of Human Activity on Egg and Chick Mortality in a Glaucous-Winged Gull Colony. 492-495.
William Humphrey Gillett, James L. Hayward, Jr., John F. Stout.
Effects of Human Disturbance on the Breeding Success of Gulls. 495-499.
Henry C. Robert.
Egg Size of Murrelets. 500-501.
Spencer G. Sealy.
Shadows and Detection of Movement By a Burrowing Owl (Speotyto Cunicularia). 501-502.
Donald H. Owings, Earl Handa.
Daily Temperature Cycles in Barred, Great-Horned and Snowy Owls. 502-506.
W. R. Siegfried, R. L. Abraham, V. B. Kuechle.
Incubation Patch Fluctuations in Red-Winged Blackbirds. 506-509.
Larry C. Holcomb.
Indigo Buntings in Utah with Special Reference to Inter-Specific Competition with Lazuli Buntings. 509-510.
Robert C. Whitmore.
Evidence of an Incomplete Prealternate Molt in Some South American Myiarchus Flycatchers. 511.
Wesley E. Lanyon.
First Observation of the Orange-Breasted Falcon in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. 512.
John William Hardy, Ralph J. Raitt, Jorge Orejuela, Thomas Webber, Bruce Edinger.
Observations at a Nest of the Black-And-White Hawk-Eagle. 512.
Joseph G. Strauch, Jr..
Notes on a Nest and Behavior of the Chestnut-Crowned Gnateater. 513-514.
Steven L. Hilty.
The Evolutionary Reappearance of Ancestral Muscles as Developmental Anomalies in Two Species of Birds. 514-517.
Robert J. Raikow.
Common Raven and Starling Reliance on Sentinel Common Crows. 517.
Richard N. Conner, Irvine D. Prather, Curtis S. Adkisson.
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