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The Condor, Volume 77, Number 1 (1975)

1 (January)


Ecological Overlap and the Problem of Competition and Sympatry in the Western and Hammond's Flycatchers. 1-13.
Donald L. Beaver, Paul H. Baldwin.
Distributional Ecology and Habits of Some Bougainville Birds (Solomon Islands). 14-23.
Jared M. Diamond.
Social Interactions in Flocks of Courting Wilson's Phalaropes (Phalaropus Tricolor). 24-33.
Marshall A. Howe.
Patterns of Growth in Birds. Iii. Growth and Development of the Cactus Wren. 34-45.
Robert E. Ricklefs.
Reproductive Biology of the White-Crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia Leucophrys Pugetensis Grinnell) I. Temporal Organization of Reproductive and Associated Cycles. 46-59.
Robert A. Lewis.
Life Style of Coccyzus Pumilus, a Tropical Cuckoo. 60-72.
Carol Pearson Ralph.
Raptor Predation on Wintering Shorebirds. 73-83.
G. Page, D. F. Whitacre.
Foraging Behavior of the Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris) in Maryland. 84-89.
Penelope Williamson, Lincoln Gray.
News and Notes. 108.
Selected Recent Publications. 108-109.
The Bulletin Board. 109.

Short Communications

Iris Coloration in Young Bushtits. 90-91.
Stephen Ervin.
Clutch Size of the Spruce Grouse, Canachites Canadensis Franklinii, in Southwest Alberta. 91-92.
Daniel M. Keppie.
Quantification of Nocturnal Passerine Migration with a Portable Ceilometer. 92-96.
Kenneth P. Able, Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Jr..
Range Extensions and New Records for Bird Species in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. 96-99.
David L. Pearson.
Intraspecific Agonistic Behavior of Ospreys (Pandion Haliaetus). 99-100.
Gary J. Schroeder, Wayne E. Melquist.
Arctic Terns From the Phoenix Islands and at Sea in the Central Pacific. 100.
Roger B. Clapp.
Notes on Southwestern Costa Rican Birds. 101-103.
Lloyd F. Kiff.
The Surface Area of an Egg. 103-104.
A. R. Shott, F. W. Preston.
Bank Swallow (Riparia Riparia), Bobolink (Dolichonyx Oryzivorus), and Other Birds at a Desert Reservoir in Chile. 105- 106.
Thomas R. Howell.
Notes on Unusual and Rare Birds of St. Croix. 107.
Charles F. Leck.
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