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The Condor, Volume 76, Number 4 (1974)

4 (October)


Trophic Levels and Turnover Rates: the Avifauna of Santa Barbara Island, California. 363-369.
George L. Hunt, Jr., Molly W. Hunt.
Turnover and Equilibria in Insular Avifaunas, with Special Reference to the California Channel Islands. 370-384.
James F. Lynch, Ned K. Johnson.
Climatic Instability and the Ecological Saturation" of Bird Communities in North American Grasslands". 385-400.
John A. Wiens.
Vocalizations of the Mallard (Anas Platyrhynchos). 401-420.
Richard L. Abraham.
The Natural History of Cassin's Auklet (Ptychoramphus Aleuticus). 421-431.
David A. Manuwal.
The History of Farallon Island Marine Bird Populations, 1854-1972. 432-446.
David G. Ainley, T. James Lewis.
News and Notes. 485-487.
North American Nest Record Card Program. 487-490.
The Bulletin Board. 490.
Index to Volume 76. 491-504.

Short Communications

Competition for the Nectar of Centropogon Valerii By the Hummingbird Colibri Thalassinus and the Flower-Piercer Diglossa Plumbea, and Its Evolutionary Implications. 447-452.
Robert K. Colwell, Burr J. Betts, Pille Bunnell, F. Lynn Carpenter, Peter Peinsinger.
Relationship of Gonadal Recrudescence and Testicular Melanogenesis in California Quail. 452-457.
Robert G. Anthony, Irven O. Buss.
Systematics of the White-Throated Towhee (Pipilo Albicollis). 457-459.
Kenneth C. Parkes.
Proportions of Wintering North American Birds in Disturbed and Undisturbed Dry Tropical Habitats. 460-464.
Elliot J. Tramer.
Albinism in the Black Noddy (Anous Tenuirostris). 464-465.
Roger B. Clapp.
Some Quantitative Aspects of Growth in Three Species of Buteos. 466-468.
Richard R. Olendorff.
Comments on the Systematic Relationships of the Pinon Jay (Gymnorhinus Cyanocephalus). 468-470.
J. David Ligon.
Dustbathing and Feather Lipid in Bobwhite (Colinus Virginianus). 471-472.
Bertin W. Anderson, Michael G. Reeder, Richard L. Timken.
Notes of the Feeding Behavior of the Common Merganser (Mergus Merganser). 472-476.
Bertin W. Anderson, Michael G. Berder, Richard I. Tinken.
Body Temperature of the Nesting Red-Footed Booby (Sula Sula). 476-478.
R. J. Shallenberger, G. C. Whittow, R. M. Smith.
Nest-Site Selection in Black-Capped Chickadees. 478-479.
Susan M. Smith.
Telemetry of Electrocardiograms Form Free-Living Birds: A Method of Electrode Placement. 479-481.
Scott W. Sawby, James A. Gessaman.
The Incubation Patches of Cassin's Auklet. 481-484.
David A. Manuwal.
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