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The Condor, Volume 76, Number 2 (1974)

2 (April)


On Latitudinal Gradients in Avian Diversity. 123-130.
Elliot J. Tramer.
History and Ecology of a Colony of Barn Owls in Utah. 131-136.
Dwight G. Smith, Charles R. Wilson, Herbert H. Frost.
A Biometric Analysis of Oriole Hybridization. 137-146.
R. K. Misra, Lester L. Short.
The Avian Egg: Incubation Time and Water Loss. 147-152.
H. Bahn, A. Ab.
The Avian Egg: Water Vapor Conductance, Shell Thickness, and Functional Pore Area. 153-158.
A. Ar, C. V. Paganelli, R. B. Reeves, D. G. Greene, H. Rahn.
The Phenology of the Nesting Season of the American Robin (Turdus Migratorius) in the United States. 159-168.
Frances C. James, H. H. Shugart, Jr..
The Pleistocene Rails of North America. 169-175.
Storrs L. Olson.
Calculating the Nocturnal Energy Expenditure of an Incubating Anna's Hummingbird. 176-183.
W. K. Smith, S. W. Roberts, P. C. Miller.
An Urban Bird Community in Tucson, Arizona: Derivation, Structure, Regulation. 184-197.
John T. Emlen.
Seasonal Variation in the Metabolism and Thyroid Activity of the Black-Capped Chickadee (Parus Atricapillus). 198- 203.
James D. Rising, Jack W. Hudson.
Review of the Status of the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo in California: Sacramento Valley Populations. 204-209.
David Gaines.
News and Notes. 230-231.
Publications Received. 231.
The Bulletin Board. 231.
Cooper Ornithological Society. 232.

Short Communications

Notes on the Structure of the Upper Eyelid of Potoos (Nyctibius). 210-211.
Jose Iganacio Borrero H..
The Autumn Diet of Spruce Grouse: A Regional Comparison. 212-214.
Fred C. Zwickel, D. A. Boag, J. H. Brigham.
Flight Displays in Two American Species of Buteo. 214-215.
John P. Hubbard.
A Courtship Flight of the Swainson's Hawk. 215.
Richard R. Olendorff.
Increased Mortality of Cooper's Hawks Accustomed to Man. 215-216.
Helen A. Snyder, Noel F. R. Snyder.
Nesting Success of the Cactus Wren in Relation to Nest Orientation. 216-217.
George T. Austin.
A Melanistic White-Tailed Tropicbird. 217-218.
Storrs L. Olson.
The Use of Western Harvester Ant Mounds as Strutting Locations By Sage Grouse. 218-219.
Keith I. Giezentanner, William H. Clark.
Function of Eye Coloration in North American Accipiters. 219-222.
Noel F. R. Snyder, Helen A. Snyder.
Barred Owl Records in Western Montana. 222.
David S. Shea.
Reproductive Aspects, Growth, and Development of Greenland Mallards. 223-225.
Raymond J. Greenwood.
Seasonal Predation on Moles By the Red-Tailed Hawk. 225.
John C. Hafner.
The Inheritance of Clutch Size in the Great Tit (Parus Major L.). 225-229.
C. M. Perrins, P. J. Jones.
An Unusual House Sparrow Roost. 229.
Carl D. Marti.
Predation of Xantus' Murrelet By Western Gull. 229.
Robert D. Oades.
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