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The Condor, Volume 75, Number 1 (1973)

1 (January)


Behavior Elicited By Electrical Stimulation of the Brain of the Steller's Jay. 1-16.
Jerram L. Brown.
Comparative Ethology of the Ciconiidae. Part 6. the Blacknecked, Saddlebill, and Jabiru Storks (Genera Xenorhynchus, Ephippiorhynchus, and Jabiru). 17-27.
M. P. Kahl.
The Red-Winged Blackbird in Tropical Marshes. 28-42.
Gordon H. Orians.
The Spring Migration of Gambel's Sparrows Through Southern Yukon Territory. 43-59.
Barbara B. Dewolfe, George C. West, Leonard J. Peyton.
Observations on the Behavior of the Andean Condor (Vultur Gryphus). 60-68.
Janet Gailey, Niels Bolwig.
Studies of a Declining Population of Brown Pelicans in Northwestern Baja California. 69-79.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr..
The Breeding Season of a Parasitic Bird, the Brown-Headed Cowbird, in Central California. 80-99.
Robert B. Payne.
Agonistic and Sexual Behavior of the African Ostrich (Struthio Camelus). 100-105.
Niels Bolwig.
News and Notes. 134.
Publications Received. 134-136.
The Bulletin Board. 136.

Short Communications

Sun-Bathing as a Thermo-Regulatory and in Birds. 106-108.
Tom J. Cade.
Cytological and Chemical Adaptations of Fat Deposition in Migratory Birds. 108-113.
David W. Johnston.
Development of Thermo-Regulation in Mallard Ducklings. 113-114.
Patrick J. Caldwell.
Dispersion of Female Blue Grouse During the Brood Season. 114-119.
Fred C. Zwickel.
Notched Toe Pads in Climbing Oscines. 119-120.
George A. Clark, Jr..
New Distributional Records of Breeding Mexican Ducks. 120-121.
Roy E. Tomlinson, Seymour H. Levy, J. J. Levy.
Autumn Concentrations of Bald Eagles in Glacier National Park. 121-123.
B. Riley Mccelland.
Observations of Wild Hybrids Between Canada and Blue Geese. 124-125.
J. P. Prevett, C. D. Macinnes.
Vocal Stimulation in the Great Horned Owl. 126-127.
John T. Emlen.
Differential Predation By South Polar Skuas in an Adelie Penguin Rookery. 127-131.
Dietland Muller-Schwarze, Christine Muller-Schwarze.
Further Notes on the Western Grebe in Mexico. 131-132.
Robert W. Dickerman.
Re-Evaluation of Some Montana Bird Records. 132-133.
P. D. Skaar, Roger B. Clapp, Richard C. Banks.
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