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The Condor, Volume 74, Number 4 (1972)

4 (October)


The Relationship of the Higher Taxa of Birds: Problems in Phylogenetic Reasoning. 379-392.
Joel Cracraft.
Foraging Behavior of Dendrocopos Villosus and D. Pubescenes in Eastern New York State. 393-398.
Donald S. Kisiel.
Micrastur Gilvicollis, a Valid Species Sympatric with M. Ruficollis in Amazonia. 399-415.
Paul Schwartz.
Summer Distribution of Pelagic Birds in Bristol Bay, Alaska. 416-422.
James C. Bartonek, Daniel D. Gibson.
The Biology of Immature Mountain White-Crowned Sparrows (Zonatrichia Leucophrys Oriantha ) on the Breeding Ground. 423- 430.
Martin L. Morton, Jorge E. Orejuela, Susan M. Budd.
The Number of Ross' Geese in Central North America. 431-438.
J. Prevett, C. D. Macinnes.
Food Habits of the Great-Tailed Grackle in Brazos County, Texas. 439-446.
Walter R. Davis Ii, Keith A. Arnold.
Nesting Success of Common Egrets and Great Blue Herons in the San Francisco Bay Region. 447-453.
Helen M. Pratt.
Interspecific Aggression Between Black-Capped and Mountain Chickadees at Winter Feeding Stations. 454-461.
Michael E. Minock.
Growth and Development of Young California Gulls (Larus Californicus). 462-470.
Jean E. Smith, Kenneth L. Diem.
News and Notes. 495-496.
The Bulletin Board. 497.
Index to Volume 74. 498-508.

Short Communications

A New Partial Mandible of Ichthyornis. 471-473.
Philip D. Gingerich.
Territory Size, Clutch Size, and Food in Populations of Wrens. 473-477.
Martin L. Cody, Christopher B. J. Cody.
Areal Versus Lineal Territories in the Wren, Troglodytes Troglodytes. 477-478.
Martin L. Cody, Christopher B. J. Cody.
Roosting Aggregations of Bushtits in Response to Cold Temperatures. 478-479.
Susan W. Smith.
Interspecific Aggression of Resident Broad-Tailed and Migrant Rufous Hummingbirds. 479.
Christopher Dunford, Eileen Dunford.
Mortality of Purple Martins From Adverse Weather. 480.
Paul A. Stewart.
The Occurrence of Streptoprocne Zonaris Albicincta and Ara Militaris in Chiapas, Mexico. 480-481.
Alfred A. Gardner.
Interspecific Aggression of Ash-Throated Flycatchers on Cassin's Sparrows. 481.
George T. Austin, Stephen M. Russell.
King Rail and Flammulated Owl at El Paso. Texas. 481.
John P. Hubbard.
Cave Swallows in Big Bend National Park, Texas. 482.
Roland H. Wauer, Donald G. Davis.
Parental Acceptance of Young as a Function of Incubation Time in the Ring-Billed Gull. 482-484.
Don E. Miller.
Spasmodic Tic. a Behavioral Trait of the Cracidae. 484.
G. Michael Flieg, Robert E. Dooley.
Piracy of Nesting Materials From and By the Broad-Tailed Hummingbird. 485.
William A. Calder.
Nuts, Bones, and a Nesting of Red Crossbills in the Panamint Mountains, California. 485-486.
Robert B. Payne.
New Records of Birds From British Honduras (Belize), Including a Skua. 486-487.
Jon C. Barlow, J. A. Dick, Dora Weyer, W. Ford Young.
Bird Nests in an Aspen Tree Robbed By Black Bear. 488.
Lawrence R. Deweese, Richard E. Pillmore.
Specimens of Black-Throated Blue Warbler and Yellow-Green Vireo From West Texas. 489.
David A. Easterla.
Status of the White-Tailed Kite in El Salvador. 489-491.
Walter A. Thurber, Jose Francisco Serrana.
Snake Predation on Cactus Wren Nestlings. 492.
George T. Austin, Eric Yensen, Carl S Tomoff.
Observations on Food Habits of Incubating Female Blue Grouse. 493-494.
Fred C. Zwickel, James F. Bendell.
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