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The Condor, Volume 74, Number 2 (1972)

2 (April)


Drinking Patterns and Behavior of Australian Desert Birds in Relation to Their Ecology and Abundance. 111-136.
Charles D. Fisher, Eric Lindgren, William R. Dawson.
Vocal Dialects and Gene Frequencies in the Chingolo Sparrow (Zonatrichia Capensis). 137-143.
Fernando Nottebohm, Robert K. Selander.
Social Organization of Willow Ptarmigan on Their Breeding Grounds in Interior Alaska. 144-151.
Robert Moss.
Reproductive Cycle and Nesting Success of the Mountain White-Crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia Leucophrys Oriantha) in the Central Sierra Nevada. 152-163.
Martin L. Morton, Judith L. Horstmann, Janet M. Osburn.
Incubation Schedules of Four Species of Calidridine Sandpipers at Barrow, Alaska. 164-176.
David W. Norton.
Temperature Regulation in Newly Hatched Laughing Gulls (Larus Atricilla). 177-184.
William R. Dawson, Jack W. Hudson, Richard W. Hill.
The Structure and Possible Function of the Avian Seminal Sac. 185-190.
Alex L. A. Middleton.
Sexual Dimorphism in Accipiter Hawks: A New Hypothesis. 191-197.
Richard T. Reynolds.
News and Notes. 223-225.
Publications Received. 225.
The Bulletin Board. 226.
Cooper Ornithological Society. 227.
Summary of Cash Receipts and Disbursements and Changes in Fund Balances. 227.

Short Communications

Cranial Pneumatization in the Indain Weaver Bird, Ploceus Philippinus. 198-200.
Krishna Biur, J. P. Thapliyal.
The Shell Pigment of Golden Eagle Eggs. 200-201.
Cecil C. Hyndman, Adele S. Hyndman.
Prolonged and Bisexual Incubation By California Ospreys. 201-202.
David P. Carber, James R. Koplin.
Shortness of Tail in Red-Crowned Woodpeckers and Their Habit of Entering Roost Holes Backward. 202-204.
Lawrence Kilham.
Change of Winter Feeding Sites By Individual Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 204.
Paul A. Stewart.
Testosterone-Induced Singing in Female White-Crowned Sparrows. 204-209.
Michael D. Kern, James R. King.
Some Temperatures of Panamanian Birds. 209-215.
Yoshika Oniki.
A Northerly Wintering Record of the Elf Owl (Micrathene Whitneyi). 215.
Charles A. Ely, Richard S. Crossin.
Die-Off of Common Murres on the Alaska Peninsula and Unimak Island. 215-219.
Edcar P. Bailey, Glenn H. Davenport.
Hovering Behavior By House Finches. 219-221.
Patria A. Taylor.
Zone-Tailed Hawk and Turkey Vulture; Mimicry Or Aerodynamics?. 221-222.
Helmut C. Mueller.
Recovery of a Pennsylvania-Banded Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher in Western Mexico. 222.
Kenneth C. Parkes, Mary H. Clench.
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