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The Condor, Volume 74, Number 1 (1972)

1 (January)


The Photoperiodic Testicular Response of a Tropical Finch, Zonotrichia Capensis Costaricensis. 1-4.
August Epple, Gordon H. Orians, Donald S. Farner, Robert Alan Lewis.
Postnuptial and Postjuvenal Molt in Rufous-Collared Sparrows in Northwestern Argentina. 5-16.
James T. King, E. Linwood Smith.
Winter Foraging Ecology of Mixed Insectivorous Bird Flocks in Oak Woodland in Southern Arizona. 17-24.
George T. Austin, E. Linwood Smith.
Age and Sex Determination in Rufous and Allen Hummingbirds. 25-32.
F. Gary Stiles.
Infrequency of Pineal Atrophy Among Birds and Its Relation to Nocturnality. 33-45.
W. B. Quay.
Reproductive Patterns in Captive American Kestrels (Sparrow Hawks). 46-53.
Richard D. Porter, Stanley W. Wiemeyer.
Seasonal Changes in Feeding Pressures of Fruit- and Nectar-Eating Birds in Panama. 54-60.
Charles F. Leck.
Molt Cycles of Purple Martins (Progne Subis). 61-71.
David M. Niles.
Nestling Development of Green Herons at San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico. 72-79.
T. Gonzalo Gavino, Robert W. Dickerman.
Yellow-Green Vireo in Arizona, with Notes on Vireo Songs. 80-86.
Donald L. Robbor.
Ecology and Nesting Behavior of the Chestnut-Backed Antbird (Myrmeciza Exsul). 87-98.
Edwin O. Willis, Yoshika Oniki.
News and Notes. 109.
Publications Received. 109-110.
The Bulletin Board. 110.

Short Communications

Observations on Two Rare Costa Rican Finches. 99-101.
F. Cary Stiles, Henry A. Hespenheide.
Observations on Copulatory Behavior of a Pair of Screech Owls (Otus Asio). 101.
Lawrence B. Mcqueen.
The Bran-Colored Flycatcher in Guyana. 101.
James A. Dick, Jon C. Barlow.
Anna's Hummingbird in Adult Male Plumage Feeds Nestling. 102.
Dale Peters Clyde.
Influence of Disturbances in the Earth's Magnetic Field on Ring-Billed Gull Orientation. 102-105.
William E. Southern.
Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Residues and Reproductive Success in Eastern North American Merlins. 105-106.
Stanley A. Temple.
Fall Nocturnal Migration During Two Successive Overcast Days. 106-107.
James J. Hebrard.
Responses of Adult Killdeers to a Downy Young Distress Call. 107-108.
Donald B. Deckenlively.
Adaptability and Site Tenacity in an Individual Starling. 108.
Penelope Williamson.
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