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The Condor, Volume 73, Number 1 (1971)

1 (January)


A Comparison of Functional and Morphological Adaptations in the Common Murre (Uria Aalge) and Thick-Billed Murre (Uria Lomvia). 1-27.
Lowell Spring.
Song Groups in a Singing Assembly of Little Hermits. 28-35.
R. Haven Wiley.
Foraging for Insects By a Tropical Hummingbird. 36-45.
Allen M. Young.
Vertical Stratification of Birds in a Tropical Dry Forest. 46-55.
David L. Pearson.
Responses of Male White-Crowned Sparrows to Playback of Recorded Songs. 56-64.
Jared Verner, Marilyn M. Milligan.
The Time and Energy Budget of the Male Dickcissel(Spiza Americana). 65-76.
R. Leigh Schartz, John L. Zimmerman.
Correlation of Age, Size of Territory, Plumage, and Breeding Success in White-Crowned Sparrows. 77-80.
C. John Ralph, Carol A. Pearson.
Behavior and Nesting Success Relative to Nest Location in Adelie Penguins (Pygoscelis Adeliae). 81-92.
Richard Tenaza.
Latitudinal Differences in the Breeding and Molt Schedules of Alaskan Red-Backed Sandpipers (Calidris Alpina). 93- 99.
Richard T. Holmes.
Migration of Banded Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. 100-106.
W. C. Royall, Jr., J. W. De Grazio, J. L. Guarino, A. Gammell.
News and Notes. 124.
Publications Received. 124-125.
The Bulletin Board. 125.

Short Communications

Ecological, Behavioral, and Distributional Notes on Some Central Panama Birds. 107-111.
James R. Karr.
Some Fringillid Records for Texas. 111.
Warren M. Pulich.
Hummingbirds Feeding on Sand. 112-113.
Nicolaas A. M. Verbeek.
Unusual Predatory Activities of Mexican Jays and Brown-Headed Cowbirds Under Conditions of Deep Snow in Southeastern Arizona. 113.
Vincent D. Roth.
Roosting Habits of White-Breasted Nuthatches. 113-114.
Lawrence Kilham.
The 1966-67 Snowy Owl Incursion in Southeastern Washington and the Pacific Northwest. 114-116.
W. C. Hanson.
The Common Crow, Corvus Brachyrhynchos, in the Great Basin. 116-118.
Gerald L. Richards.
Social Relationships Among Mountain Chickadees (Parus Gambeli). 118-120.
Michael E. Minock.
Preservation of Maui's Endangered Forest Birds. 120-121.
Winston Banko.
Plumage Color and Energetics. 121-122.
Sheldon Lustick.
Pelagic Observations of the Japanese White-Eye in the Central Pacific. 122-123.
Charles A. Ely.
Imperfect Albinism in a Redtailed Tropicbird. 123.
Roger B. Clapp, Lawrence N. Huber.
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