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The Condor, Volume 72, Number 4 (1970)

4 (October)


Breeding Biology of Great Blue Herons and Common Egrets in Central California. 407-416.
Helen M. Pratt.
The Avifaunal Composition of Oregon White Oak Stands. 417-423.
Stanley H. Anderson.
Specializations of Some Carotnoid-Bearing Feathers. 424-430.
Storrs L. Olson.
Breeding Birds of Desert Riparian Habitat in Southern Nevada. 431-436.
George T. Austin.
Movements of Blue Grouse on the Summer Range. 437-444.
A. N. Lance.
Thyroid Histology of Tricolored Blackbirds (Agelaius Tricolor) in the Annual Cycle, Breeding, and Molt. 445-451.
Robert B. Payne, Marsha Landolt.
The Agonistic Behavior of Varied Thrushes (Ixoreus Naevius) in Winter Assemblages. 452-459.
Stephen G. Martin.
Notes on Color Variation in Downy Caspian Terns. 460-465.
George E. Chaniot, Jr..
Light-Induced Prolongation of Spermatogenesis in the European Starling Sturnus Vulgaris. 466-470.
Robert G. Schwab.
News and Notes. 502.
Publications Received. 502-503.
The Bulletin Board. 503.
Index to Volume 72. 504-517.
Oxford University Press. 518.

Short Communications

Absorption of Radiant Energy in Redwinged Blackbirds (Agelaius Phoeniceus). 471-473.
Sheldon Lustick, Sharon Talbot, Edward L. Fox.
Marbled Godwit and Yellow-Throated Warbler in Columbia, South America. 473.
David A. Easterla, Wally George.
The Occurrence and Status of Certain Anatids in Southern Nevada. 474.
George T. Austin.
Roadrunner Predation on Passerine Birds. 475-476.
Dale A. Zimmerman.
American Kestrel Falco Sparverius, Exhibits Relic Nest Building Behavior. 476.
Gerald L. Richards.
Temperature Measurements at the Nest of the Desert Lark (Ammomanes Deserti Deserti). 476-478.
Yosef Orr.
Noteworthy Bird Records From Korea. 479.
Pyong-Oh Won.
A New Species of Telmabates (Phoenicopteriformes) From the Lower Eocene of Patagonia. 479-480.
Joel Cracraft.
First Record of the Fieldfare on American Continent. 480.
Martti Soikkeli.
Aberration in the Clutch Size of the Semipalmated Plover. 481.
Phillip D. Havens.
Hybridzation in Norfolk Island White-Eyes (Zosterops). 481-482.
Frank B. Gill.
Notes on the Distribution of Some Puerto Rican Birds and on the Courtship Behavior of White-Tailed Tropicbirds. 483- 486.
P. A. Buckley, F. C. Buckley.
Notes on Sage Thrasher Nestlings in Colorado. 486-488.
Merlin L. Killpack.
Courtship and Territorial Displaying in the Vermilion Flycatcher, Pyrocephalus Rubinus. 488-491.
W. John Smith.
New Rhinoceros Auklet Colony for British Columbia. 491.
David Hancock.
Duplex Nest Construction By Hooded Oriole Circumvents Cowbird Parasitism. 491.
John William Hardy.
Fall Nesting Barn Owls in Utah. 492.
Dwight G. Smith, Charles R. Wilson, Herbert H. Frost.
Feeding Territories in the Everglade Kite. 492-493.
Noel F. R. Snyder.
Molts of the Verdin, Auriparus Flaviceps. 493-496.
Walter Kingsley Taylor.
Still More Responses of the Poor-Will to Low Temperatures. 496-498.
J. David Ligon.
Use of Dipper Nest By Mountain Bluebird. 498.
William A. Calder.
Variation in Avian Plasma Proteins. 498-499.
J. Alan Feduccia.
Social Stimulation Modifies the Feeding Behavior of the American Robin. 499-500.
Stephen F. Maclean, Jr..
Occurrence and Nesting of Black Terns in Southwestern British Columbia. 500.
R. Wayne Campbell.
A Record of Clutch Size and Breeding in New Mexico for the Bronzed Cowbird. 500-501.
David M. Niles.
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