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The Condor, Volume 72, Number 3 (1970)

3 (July)


Size Dimorphism and Food Habits of North American Owls. 251-264.
Caroline M. Earhart, Ned K. Johnson.
The Water Economy of the Sage Sparrow, Amphispiza Belli Nevadensis. 265-275.
Ralph R. Moldenhauer, John A. Wiens.
Ecology and Reproduction of California Quail in Southeastern Washington. 276-287.
Robert Anthony.
Quantitative and Organizational Features of the Avian Renal Medulla. 288-292.
Oscar W. Johnson, John N. Mugaas.
A Redescription of Two Pliocene Cormorants. 293-298.
Nertram G. Murray, Jr..
Geographic Variation in the Surface/Volume Ratio of the Bill of Red-Winged Blackbirds in Relation to Certain Geographic and Climatic Factors. 299-304.
Dennis M. Power.
Taxonomy of the Common Meadowlark (Sturnella Magna) in Central and Southern Mexico and Caribbean Central America. 305- 309.
Robert W. Dickerman, Allan R. Phillips.
A Second Hybrid Williamson's X Red-Naped Sapsucker and an Evolutionary History of Sapsuckers. 310-315.
Lester L. Short, John J. Morony, Jr..
The Secretary Rates and the Chemical Stimulus for Secretion of the Nasal Salt Glands in the Rallidae. 316-324.
Roger E. Carpenter, Mary A. Stafford.
Effects of Spring Leaf-Fall on Composition and Density of Breeding Birds in Two Southern Arizona Woodlands. 325- 331.
Russell P. Balda.
Temperature Regulation in the Little Papuan Frogmouth, Podargus Ocellatus. 332-338.
Robert C. Lasiewski, William R. Dawson, George A. Bartholomew.
The Seasonal Distribution of Some Seabirds Off Washington and Oregon, with Notes on Their Ecology and Behavior. 339- 357.
Gerald A. Sanger.
New and Notes. 379-381.
Cooper Ornithological Society. 382.
Membership Directory. 383-405.
The Bulletin Board. 406.

Short Communications

Food of Nesting Bald Eagles on San Juan Island, Washington. 358-361.
Laszlo Retfalvi.
Bird Observations From Tierra Del Fuego. 361-363.
Allan R. Keith.
Cactus Wrens Attack Ground Squirrel. 363-364.
E. Linwood Smith.
Wattled Jacana Caught By an Anaconda. 364.
F. Haverschmidt.
Notes on the Territoriality of Hammond's Flycatcher (Empidonax Hammondi) in Western Montana. 364-365.
David A. Manuwal.
Audubon's Shearwater, Hudsonian Godwit, and Long-Tailed Jaeger in Oaxaca, Mexico. 366.
Laurecne C. Binford.
New Breeding Records of Toxostoma Curvirostre and T. Bendirei in New Mexico. 366-367.
John L. Darling.
Second Record of Ovenbird in Nevada. 367.
M. Dale Arvey.
Northward Migration to Surinam of South American Martins (Progne). 368-369.
E. Eisenmann, F. Haverschmidt.
The Fox Sparrow on the West Slope of the Oregon Cascades. 369-370.
Richard C. Banks.
Apparent Lack of the Double-Scratch in Two Species of Spizella. 370.
George A. Clark, Jr..
Pseudo-Sleeping Attitude in Lesser Scaup and Ring-Necked Ducks. 370-371.
Daniel W. Anderson.
Additional Records of Birds From British Honduras (Belize). 371-372.
Jon C. Barlow, James A. Dick, Esther Pendercast.
Sooty Tern Egg Predation By Ruddy Turnstones. 372-373.
Richard S. Crossin, Lawrence N. Huber.
Winter Wing Molt in the Western Grebe. 373.
Fred C. Sibley.
Occurrence of the Eastern Species of Oporornis and Wilsonia in California. 373-374.
Guy Mccaskie.
Notes on the Life History of the Mouse-Colored Flycatcher in Surinam. 374-375.
F. Haverschmidt.
Peregrine Falcon Observed Feeding Far at Sea. 375-376.
Donovan R. Craddock, Robert D. Carlson.
A Mexican Specimen of the Yellow-Billed Loon. 376.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr..
A Third Specimen of a Lower Cretaceous Feather From Victoria, Australia. 377.
M. Waldman.
Breeding of Free-Living Trumpeter Swans in Northeastern Washington. 377-378.
J. E. Johns, C. W. Erickson.
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