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The Condor, Volume 72, Number 1 (1970)

1 (January)


The Impact of Seasonal Flowering on the Biology of Some Tropical Hummingbirds. 1-14.
Larry L. Wolf.
Social Behavior of Nesting Brewer's Blackbirds. 15-23.
Henry S. Horn.
Song in a Population of Black-Throated Sparrows. 24-36.
Donald B. Heckenlively.
An Integeneric Hybrid Flycatcher (Tyrannus X Muscivora). 37-42.
L. Irby Davis, Fred S. Webster, Jr..
A Comparative Electrophoretic Study of Avian Plasma Proteins. 43-49.
Charles G. Sibley, Herbert T. Henderson.
The Metabolic Significance of Differential Absorption of Radiant Energy By Black and White Birds. 50-59.
Frank Heppner.
Energy Requirements for Existence in Relation to Size of Bird. 60-65.
S. Charles Kendeigh.
Hyperphagia, Polydipsia, and Other Effects of Hypothalamic Lesions in the White-Throated Sparrow, Zonotrichia Albicollis. 66- 75.
Wayne J. Kuenzel, Carl W. Helms.
The Biology of an Endangered Species, the Dark-Rumped Petrel (Pterodroma Phaeopygia), in the Galapagos Islands. 76- 84.
Michael P. Harris.
A Summary of Intergeneric New World Quail Hybrids, and a New Intergeneric Hybrid Combination. 85-88.
Paul A. Johnscard.
Notes on the Cayenne Tern in Uruguay. 89-94.
Rodolfo Escalante.
A Systematic Revision of Geothlypis Speciosa, the Black-Polled Yellowthroat. 95-98.
Robert W. Dickerman.
News and Notes. 123.
The Bulletin Board. 124.
Publications Received. 124.

Short Communications

Ineffectiveness of Pineal Lesions on the Testis Cycle of a Finch. 99-101.
W. M. Hamner, R. J. Barfield.
Photorefractoriness in Pinealectomized Harris Sparrows. 101-102.
Richard S. Donham, Fred E. Wilson.
Birds of the Chignik River Drainage, Alaska. 102-105.
David W. Narver.
New and Interesting Records From the Chiriqui Highlands of Panama. 105.
Charles F. Leck, Steven Hilty.
Notes on Brazilian Cracidae. 106-108.
Helmut Sick.
Common Teal and Tufted Duck in Northwestern California. 108.
Stanley W. Harris, R. H. Gerstenberg.
The Great Swallow-Tailed Swift (Panyptila Santihieronymi) From the State of Guerrero, Mexico. 108.
Helmut Sick.
Bird Records From Southern Nevada. 109-110.
Richard C. Banks, Charles G. Hansen.
First Record of the Black Brant (Branta Nigricans) for New Mexico. 110.
James L. Sands.
Birds Observed During a Cruise in the Ice-Covered Bering Sea in March 1968. 110-112.
Laurence Irving, C. Peter Mcroy, John J. Burns.
Aerial Eagle Count in Colorado. 112.
James H. Enderson, Frank A. Colley, John Stevenson.
A California Specimen of the Bar-Tailed Godwit. 112.
R. H. Gerstenberg, Stanley W. Harris.
Observations on Food, Nesting, and Winter Populations of Large North American Falcons. 113-115.
Clayton M. White, David G. Roseneau.
House Finches (Carpodacus Mexicanus) in Montana. 115-116.
Ralph L. Hand.
A Method of Estimating Carcass Fat and Fat-Free Weights in Migrant Birds From Water Content of Specimens. 116- 119.
George I. Child, Shirley G. Marshall.
A Breeding Record for the Gray-Hooded Gull, Larus Cirrocepahlus, on the Peruvian Coast. 119-122.
Humberto Tovar S., N. Philip Ashmole.
Winter Observations of the Short-Tailed Albatross in the Western Pacific Ocean. 122.
John P. Tramontano.
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