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The Condor, Volume 71, Number 4 (1969)

4 (October)


Temperature Regulation and Respiration in the Ostrich. 341-352.
Knut Schmidt-Nielsen, Robert C. Lasiewski, William L. Bretz, John Kanwisher, Jerome E. Cohn.
Relationships Among Three Species of Jays Wintering in Southeastern Arizona. 353-359.
Peter W. Westcott.
A Taxonomic Revision of the New World Jays. 360-375.
John William Hardy.
Postnuptial and Postjuvenal Molt in White-Crowned Sparrows in Central Alaska. 376-385.
Martin L. Morton, James R. King, Donald S. Farner.
The Nesting of the Crested, Least, and Parakeet Auklets on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. 386-398.
Jean Bedard.
Foliage Use By Birds of the Oak-Juniper Woodland and Ponderosa Pine Forest in Southeastern Arizona. 399-412.
Russell P. Balda.
Genetic and Population Studies of Transferrin Polymorphism in Ring-Necked Pheasants. 413-417.
Paul A. Vohs, Jr., Larry R. Carr.
Oreintation Behavior of Ring-Billed Gull Chicks and Fledglings. 418-425.
William E. Southern.
News and Notes. 442.
Publications Received. 442-443.
The Bulletin Board. 443.
Index to Volume 71. 444-455.

Short Communications

Notes on Costa Rican Birds. 426-431.
Gordon H. Orians, Denni R. Paulson.
On the Nature of Cotingin"". 431-433.
Alan H. Brush.
Some Additional Records of Birds in California. 433-434.
Donald D. Mclean.
Occurrence and Nesting of Wilson's Phalaropes at Vancouver, British Columbia. 434.
R. Wayne Campbell.
The Taxonomic Position of the Hornbill Rhyticeros Plicatus Subruficollis (Blyth) as Indicated By the Mallophaga. 434- 435.
Robert E. Elbel.
Extension of Zone of Sympatry of Quiscalus Mexicanus and Q. Major. 435-436.
Robert K. Selander, Suh Y. Yang, Gilbert Cantu.
The Numerical Response of Woodpeckers to Insect Prey in a Subalpine Forest in Colorado. 436-438.
James R. Koplin.
Observations of the Nuthatch-Like White-Throated Treerunner (Pygarrhichas Albogularis) in Argentina. 438-439.
Lester L. Short, Jr..
Bird Records From Nevada. 439-441.
Richard C. Banks, Donald E. Lewis.
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