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The Condor, Volume 70, Number 4 (1968)

4 (October)


The Foraging Ecology of Parus Atricapillus and P. Rufescens in the Breeding Season, with Comparisons with Other Species of Parus. 309-322.
William A. Sturman.
The Temperatures, Weights, and Body Composition of Molting Bullfinches. 323-332.
I. Newton.
Oxygen Consumption and Respiratory Evaporation of the Emu and Rhea. 333-339.
Eugene C. Crawford, Jr., Robert C. Lasiewski.
Morphological Homogeneity of a Population of Alaska Willow Ptarmigan. 340-347.
George C. West, Susan Savage, Laurence Irving, Leonard J. Peyton.
Habitat and Avian Diversity on Strip-Mined Land in East-Central Illinois. 348-357.
James R. Karr.
Respiratory and Heart Rates of Birds at Rest. 358-365.
William A. Calder.
Annual Cycle of Adrenal and Thyroid Glands in Gambel Quail of Southern New Mexico. 366-372.
Ralph J. Raitt.
Differential Habitat Utilization By Wintering Roughlegged and Red-Tailed Hawks. 373-377.
Gary D. Schnell.
Maintenance Behavior of Lesser and Lawrence's. 378-384.
Ellen L. Coutlee.
News and Notes. 399-400.
The Bulletin Board. 400.

Short Communications

A Distinctive Song Pattern in Gambel's White-Crowned Sparrow. 385-386.
Leonard J. Peyton, Barbara B. Dewolfe.
Anophthalmia in the American Robin. 386-387.
Andrew J. Berger, Deborah V. Howard.
Starvation of Spring Migrants in the Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona. 387-388.
J. David Licon.
The Survival Rate of Juvenile Cactus Wrens. 388-389.
Robert E. Ricklefs.
Mixed Wood Duck-Tree Duck Clutch in Texas. 389-390.
Eric G. Bolen, Brian W. Cain.
The High Frequency of Occurrence of the Vestigial Claw in Colinus Virginianus Virginianus. 390.
William G. George, Gary M. Brown.
First Specimen Records of the Dunlin and the Snowy Plover in Idaho. 390.
Glenn R. Downing, Edson Fichter.
The Occurrence of Certain Nonpasserine Birds in Southern Nevada. 391.
George T. Austin.
Canada Warbler in California. 391.
James R. Northern.
Records of Snowy Owls in California. 392.
Stanley W. Harris, Charles F. Yocom.
A Second Report on the Basihyale in American Songbirds, with Remarks on the Status of Peucedramus. 392-393.
William G. George.
Raptors and Other North American Migrants in Mexico. 393-395.
Robert F. Andrle.
Ornithological Notes From Zacatecas, Mexico. 395-397.
J. Dean Webster.
First Record of the Gyrfalcon in Idaho. 397.
J. David Ligon.
Specimen of the Magnificent Frigatebird From New Mexico. 398.
Dale A. Zimmerman.
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