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The Condor, Volume 70, Number 1 (1968)

1 (January)


Taxonomic Relationships of Some Columba Species. 1-13.
Kendall W. Corbin.
Comparative Biology of Pacific Coastal White-Crowned Sparrows. 14-30.
L. Richard Mewaldt, Sally S. Kibby, Martin L. Morton.
Patterns of Panting and Gular Flutter in Cormorants, Pelicans, Owls, and Doves. 31-34.
George A. Bartholomew, Robert C. Lasiewski, Eugene C. Crawford, Jr..
Breeding and Molt in the White Tern (Gygis Alba) on Christmas Island, Pacific Ocean. 35-55.
N. Philip Ashmole.
Study of Plumage of the Four Species of the Genus Gallus. 56-65.
G. Victor Morejohn.
The Nesting of Some Venezuelan Birds. 66-82.
Alexander F. Skutch.
News and Notes. 94-95.
Publications Received. 95-96.
The Bulletin Board. 97.
Price List of Publications Issued By the Cooper Ornithological Society. 98.
Pictorial Checklist of Colorado Birds. 99.
Alfred M. Bailey, Robert J. Niedrach.

Short Communications

Observations on Strickland's Woodpecker, Dendrocopos Stricklandi. 83-84.
J. David Ligon.
The Diurnal Activity of the Roadrunner, Geococcyx Californianus. 84-85.
W. A. Calder.
Behavior of Orange-Chinned Parakeets in Panama. 86.
Eugene Eisenmann.
A Dovekie on the Pribilof Islands, Alaska. 86.
Richard T. Holmes.
Observations of the Ringed Storm-Petrel Off the North-West Coast of South America. 87-88.
Eric L. Mills.
A Breeding Colony of the Cassin's Auklet and Possible Breeding of the Rhinoceros Auklet on Goat Island, Southwestern Oregon. 88.
M. Ralph Browning, William English.
Northern Range Extension of Wied's Crested Flycatcher. 88.
Roland H. Wauer.
Upside-Down Resting By Young Green-Rumped Parrotlets (Forpus Passerinus). 89.
F. G. Buckley, P. A. Buckley.
Hammond Flycatcher in West Central Kansas. 89.
Charles A. Ely.
A Notable Specimen of Vireo Nelsoni. 90.
Allan R. Phillips.
Groove-Billed Ani and Golden-Crowned Sparrow in New Mexico. 90.
Barbara C. Mcknight.
An Addition to the Avifauna of Panama: Long-Billed Curlew (Numenius Americanus). 91.
Horace Loftin, Stephen G. Martin, George V. N. Powell.
Age Determination in the Black-Billed Magpie. 91-92.
Michael J. Erpino.
Black-Footed Albatross, Banded at Midway Island, Recovered Off Baja California in First Year. 92.
Carl L. Hubbs.
Dispersal of Cattle Egret and Little Blue Heron Into Northwestern Baja California, Mexico. 92-93.
Carl L. Hubbs.
A Broad-Winged Hawk in California. 93.
A. Guy Mccaskie.
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