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The Condor, Volume 69, Number 5 (1967)

5 (September-October)


Autumnal Premigratory and Migratory Periods in the Chaffinch (Fringilla Coelebs Coelebs) and Some Other Temperate-Zone Passerine Birds. 435-468.
Victor R. Dolnik, Tatyana I. Blyumental.
The Patterns of Downy Grebes. 469-478.
Robert W. Storer.
Breeding Birds of the Sandia Mountains and Their Ecological Distributions. 479-490.
John L. Tatschl.
Diurnal Feeding Patterns in White-Crowned Sparrows, Zonotrichia Leucophrys Gambelii. 491-512.
Martin L. Morton.
The Puzzling Vocal Repertoire of the South American Collared Jay, Cyanolyca Viridicyana Merida. 513-521.
John William Hardy.
Observations on the Feeding Habits of Some Woodpeckers and Woodcreepers in Costa Rica. 522-525.
Imre S. Otvos.
News and Notes. 534.

Short Communications

A New Swallow From the Fox Canyon Local Fauna (Upper Pliocene) of Kansas. 526-527.
J. Alan Feduccia.
The Common Loon in Sonora, Mexico. 527.
Dale A. Zimmerman, John W. Boettcher.
Rhymchopsitta Terrisi Is Probably a Valid Species: A Reassessment. 527-528.
John William Hardy.
The Temporary Establishment of Dominance Between Two Hand-Raised Juvenile Cactus Wrens (Carnpylorhynchus Brunneicapillus). 528.
Robert E. Ricklets, F. Reed Hainsworth.
A Case of Classical Conditioning in Nestling Cactus Wrens. 528-529.
Robert E. Ricklets.
Nocturnal Feeding of Sterna Fuscata and Puffinus Pacificus. 529.
Patrick I. Gould.
Feeding Helpers Among Immature White-Eyes. 530-531.
C. Robert Eddinger.
Diving Wood Duck Ducklings Entangled in Filamentous Algae. 531.
Paul A. Stewart.
The Occurrence and Possible Breeding of Mckay's Bunting on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. 531-532.
Spencer G. Sealy.
Sharp-Tailed Grouse Relations to a Food Source Near a Dancing Ground. 532-533.
Lawrence J. Blus.
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