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The Condor, Volume 69, Number 3 (1967)

3 (May-June)


Evolution in the House Sparrow. I. Intrapopulation Variation in North America. 217-258.
Robert K. Selander, Richard F. Johnston.
Utilization of the Breeding Territory in the Black-Capped Chickadee. 259-267.
Raymond A. Stefanski.
The Responses of Incubating Ringed Turtle Doves (Streptopelia Risoria) to Manipulated Egg Temperatures. 268-276.
Edwin C. Franks.
Grebes From the Late Pliocene of North America. 277-288.
Bertram G. Murray, Jr..
Gonadal Responses of Brown-Headed Cowbirds to Long Daylength. 289-297.
Robert B. Payne.
Feeding Behavior and Food-Consumption Rates of a Captive California Murre. 298-302.
Richard C. Sanford, Stanley W. Harris.
Seasonal and Geographic Variation in the Foods of Adult White-Tailed Ptarmigan. 303-309.
Robert B. Weeden.
News and Notes. 321-322.

Short Communications

The Distribution of Certain Mimidae in California. 310-311.
Guy Mccaskie, Richard Stallcup, Paul Debenedictis.
Galapagos Finches Grooming Marine Iguanas. 311.
Dean Amadon.
Additional Observations on the Status of North American White Pelicans. 311-313.
Daniel W. Anderson, James C. Bartonek.
Bald Eagle Swimming in the Ocean with Prey. 313.
Thomas L. Danielsen.
Late-Autumn and Winter Bird Records From Interior Alaska. 313-316.
Brina Kessel.
Some Bird Records From San Diego County, California. 316-318.
Amadeo M. Rea.
Black-Billed Cuckoo Records in California. 318.
Willet T. Van Velzen.
Some Supplementary Records of Birds in Baja California, Mexico. 318.
Richard C. Banks.
Two June Records of the Canada Goose in Grand Canyon, Arizona. 319.
Norman G. Messinger.
Common Gallinule in Humboldt County, California. 319.
Richard J. Wheeler.
Additions to the Avifauna of Panama: the Palm Warbler and the Connecticut Warbler. 319-320.
David L. Hicks, Eustorgio Mendez, Horace Loftin.
Golden Plovers in the Galapagos. 320.
Jeremy J. Hatch, Jack P. Hailman.
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