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The Condor, Volume 69, Number 2 (1967)

2 (March-April)


The Horned Guan in Mexico and Guatemala. 93-109.
Robert F. Andrle.
Biology of White-Crowned Sparrows in Late Summer at College, Alaska. 110-132.
Barbara Blanchard Dewolfe.
Notes on Plumages and Weights of the Black-Headed Duck, Heteronetta Atricapilla. 133-145.
Milton W. Weller.
Results of Banding Studies of the Black Vulture in Eastern North America. 146-155.
Paul W. Parmalee, Barbara G. Parmalee.
Migration and Bioenergetics of Flight in the Pacific Golden Plover. 156-168.
David W. Johnston, Robert W. Mcfarlane.
Molt Cycles of the Orange-Crowned Warbler. 169-200.
Mercedes S. Foster.
Book Review. 213-214.
News and Notes. 215-216.

Short Communications

Avifaunal Records From Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands. 201-203.
David L. Pearson, Jens W. Knudsen.
Orientation of Zugunruhe in the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Pheucticus Ludovicianus. 203-205.
Stephen T. Emlen.
Pintail Banded in Northwestern California Taken at Baykal Lake, Russia. 205-206.
Charles F. Yocom.
Hemoglobins of a Ring-Necked Pheasant X Jungle Fowl Hybrid. 206.
Alan H. Brush.
Changes in the Avifauna of Fanning Island, Central Pacific, Between 1924 and 1963. 207-209.
Gerald J. Bakus.
Winter Breeding of the Western Grebe. 209.
Darrell T. Lee.
An Unusual Nesting of a Goshawk in Southern New Mexico. 209-210.
R. Roy Johnson, Bruce K. Harris.
Possible Yellow-Shafted Flicker in Southwestern Oregon. 210.
M. Ralph Browning, William English.
Spring Migration of Dunlin in Interior Western Oregon. 210-212.
Joseph G. Strauch, Jr..
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