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The Condor, Volume 69, Number 1 (1967)

1 (January-February)


Pterylography and Age Determination in the Orange-Crowned Warbler. 1-12.
Mercedes S. Foster.
A Re-Examination of the Relation Between Standard Metabolic Rate and Body Weight in Birds. 13-23.
Robert C. Lasiewski, William R. Dawson.
Pleistocene Birds From Fossil Lake, Oregon. 24-27.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr..
Epigamic and Reproductive Behavior of Orange-Chinned Parakeets in Captivity. 28-41.
Dennis M. Power.
Breeding of the Band-Tailed Gull (Larus Belcheri) on the Atlantic Coast of Argentina. 42-48.
C. C. Olrog.
Castration and Spring Migration in the White-Throated Sparrow. 49-68.
Charles M. Weise.
Winter Feeding Program of Alaska Willow Ptarmigan Shown By Crop Contents. 69-77.
Laurence Irving, Geroge C. West, Leonard J. Peyton.
A New Subspecies of the Yacatan Flycatcher, Myiarchus Yucatanensis. 78-81.
Kenneth C. Parkes, Allan R. Phillips.
Notes on the Taxonomy and Plumages of the Slaty Vireo. 82-84.
Larry L. Wolf.
News and Notes. 90-91.

Short Communications

The Occurrence of Certain Flycatchers in California. 85-86.
R. Guy Mccaskie, Richard Stallcup, Paul Debenedictis.
The Ternery on Aves Island in March. 87-88.
James D. Lazell, Jr..
Nest-Robbing Behavior of the Sparrow Hawk. 88.
Gerald L. Richards.
The Baird's Sparrow and Burrowing Owl in Missouri. 88-89.
David A. Easterla.
Brown-Headed Cowbird Collected Far at Sea. 89.
Gerald A. Sanger.
Anna's Hummingbird in Southwestern Oregon. 89.
M. Ralph Browning, William English.
First Record of the White-Eyed Vireo in Panama. 90.
David L. Hicks.
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