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The Condor, Volume 68, Number 5 (1966)

5 (September-October)


Habitat Selection in Blue Grouse. 431-446.
J. F. Bendell, P. W. Elliott.
The Water Economy of the Black-Throated Sparrow and the Rock Wren. 447-458.
Michael Smyth, George A. Bartholomew.
An Additional Character Linking Ratites and Tinamous, and an Interpretation of Their Monophyly. 459-471.
Kenneth C. Parkes, George A. Clark, Jr..
Fossil Owls From the Rexroad Fauna of the Upper Pliocene of Kansas. 472-475.
Norman L. Ford.
Annual Gonadal Cycles and Pituitary Gonadotropins in Zonotrichia Leucophrys Gambelii. 476-487.
James R. King, Brian K. Follett, Donald S. Former, Martin L. Morton.
Autumn Weights of Blue Grouse in North-Central Washington, 1954 to 1963. 488-496.
Fred C. Zwickel, James H. Brigham, Irven O. Buss.
Spermatogenesis in Bald Eagles Experimentally Fed a Diet Containing Ddt. 497-502.
Louis N. Locke, Nicholas J. Clara, Paul A. Stewart.
New Records of Alcids From St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. 503-506.
Jean Bedard.
News and Notes. 522.

Short Communications

Notes on the Uruguayan Population of Larus Belcheri. 507-510.
Rodolfo Escalante.
Wanderings of the Ancient Murrelet: Some Additional Comments. 510-511.
Nicolaas A.M. Verbeek.
A Second Record of Ancient Murrelet From Nevada. 511-512.
Bill Smith.
Albinistic Feathers in Storm Petrels (Hydrobatidae). 512-514.
Luis F. Baptista.
Egg of the Great Black Hawk, Buteogallus Urubitinga Ridgwayi. 515.
Frank A. Hartman.
A Record of Stingray Predation By the Brown Pelican. 515-516.
Dennis L. Bostic, Richard C. Banks.
Inland Record of an Olsquaw in California. 516.
Roger O. Wilbur.
Some Land Birds in the Caribbean. 516-517.
Michael P. Harris.
Hunting Methods of Gyrfalcons and Behavior of Their Prey (Ptarmigan). 517-519.
Clayton M. White, Robert B. Weeden.
Eastern Phoebe in Utah. 519.
Roland H. Wauer.
Notes on the Wren-Thrush. 520-521.
Douglas H. Morse.
Trumpeter Swan in Utah. 521.
James C. Bartonek.
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