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The Condor, Volume 68, Number 1 (1966)

1 (January-February)


Breeding Ecology and Annual Cycle Adaptations of the Red-Backed Sandpiper (Calidris Alpina) in Northern Alaska. 3- 46.
Richard T. Holmes.
An Analysis of the Body Temperatures of Birds. 47-55.
Brian K. Mcnab.
Ecology and Behavior of the Crested Ant-Tanager. 56-71.
Edwin O. Willis.
Vocalizations and Behavior in Captive Gambel Quail. 72-80.
C. R. Ellis, Jr., A. W. Stokes.
Migrants in the Galapagos Area. 81-101.
Raymond Leveque, Robert I. Bowman, Stephen L. Billeb.
News and Notes. 108-109.
Price List of Publications Issued By the Cooper Ornithological Members. 110-111.

Short Communications

Field Observation of Torpidity in the Violet-Green Swallow. 102-103.
Robert C. Lariewski, Henry J. Thompson.
Adult Little Blue Heron on San Pablo Bay, California. 103.
John R. Arnold, Robert Failing, Jack Guggols, Benjamin D. Parmeter.
Little Blue Heron at Santa Barbara, California. 103.
Waldo G. Abbott.
Nesting of Grasshopper Sparrow in Wyoming. 103.
Charles A. Long, Daniel H. Matulionis.
Some Notes on Birds of Elko County, Nevada. 103-104.
George K. Tsukamoto.
Probable Nesting of the Starling on San Clemente Island, California. 104.
Henry E. Childs, Jr..
A Prey Capture By the Zone-Tailed Hawk. 104-105.
Edwin O. Willis.
Status of the Black Rail and the Gray-Breasted Crake in British Honduras. 105-107.
Stephen M. Russell.
A Dipper Nest Away From Water. 107.
John O. Sullivan.
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