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The Condor, Volume 67, Number 5 (1965)

5 (September-October)


Evolution of Brood Parasitism in Altricial Birds. 361-382.
William J. Hamilton, Iii, Gordon H. Orians.
Bioenergetics of Lipid Deposition in the Bobolink, a Trans-Equatorial Migrant. 383-403.
Cameron E. Gifford, Eugene P. Odum.
The Summer Birds of the Forests of the Mogollon Mountains, New Mexico. 404-415.
John P. Hubbard.
The Influence of Daylength on Reproductive Timing in the Red Crossbill. 416-422.
Harrison B. Tordoff, William R. Dawson.
Differential Timing and Routes of the Spring Migration in the Hammond Flycatcher. 423-437.
Ned K. Johnson.
Additional Hybrids of the Slate-Colored Junco and the White-Throated Sparrow. 438-442.
Lester L. Short Jr.,, Stephen W. Simon.
Notes and News. 448.

From Field and Study

A Western Gull with Symmetrical White Wing Patches. 443.
Joseph G. Strauch, Jr.,, William Thackaberry.
The Curve-Billed Thrasher in California. 443-444.
Guy Mccaskie, Robert R. Prather.
Additional Records for the Stolid Flycatcher on St. John, Virgin Islands. 444.
George A. Hall.
The Pine Warbler in Kansas. 444-445.
David A. Easterla.
A Southern Extension of the Breeding Range of the Vesper Sparrow in California. 445.
Eugene A. Cardiff.
Bird Records From Southern Nevada. 445-446.
George T. Austin, W. Glen Bradley.
An Abundance of White-Tailed Kites in Sonoma County, California. 446.
Gordon L. Bolander, John R. Arnold.
Field Feeding of Whistling Swans in Northern Utah. 446-447.
John Nagel.
The Starling in Guanajuato, Mexico. 447.
Walter R. Donagho.
Wintering Rufous-Crowned Sparrows Found in Utah. 447.
Roland H. Wauer.
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