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The Condor, Volume 67, Number 2 (1965)

Publication Information
2 (March-April)


The Breeding Avifaunas of the Sheep and Spring Ranges in Southern Nevada. 93-124.
Ned K. Johnson.
Time Budget of the Male Long-Billed Marsh Wren During the Breeding Season. 125-139.
Jared Verner.
Flock Social Behavior of the Orange-Fronted Parakeet. 140-156.
John William Hardy.
Gonadal and Behavioral Cycles in the Great-Tailed Grackle. 157-182.
Robert K. Selander, Ronald J. Hauser.
The Auditory Range of a Hairy Woodpecker. 183-185.
Warren K. Ramp.
Notes and News. 192.

From Field and Study

Unusual Behavior of a White-Tailed Tropic-Bird in California. 186-187.
Wes Hetrick, Guy Mccaskie.
Longevity Record of a Black-Footed Albatross. 187-188.
Charles F. Yocom.
Louisiana Waterthrush in Baja California. 188.
Lester L. Short, Jr.,, Richard C. Banks.
Notes on the Behavior of the Rufous-Winged Sparrow. 188-190.
Anders H. Anderson.
Pyrrhuloxia Feeding on Cactus Fruits. 190.
Louis N. Locke.
American Oystercatcher on Anacapa Island, California. 190.
Waldo G. Abbott.
Eagle Versus Fish. 190.
Joseph R. Blum.
Cattle Egret in Guerrero, Mexico. 191.
Martin H. Edwards.
Allen Hummingbird on Cedros Island, Baja California. 191.
O. Marcus Buchanan.
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