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The Condor, Volume 67, Number 1 (1965)

1 (January-February)


A New Race of the Spotted Nightingale-Thrush From Oaxaca, Mexico. 3-5.
Allan R. Phillips, Warren Rook.
Breeding Biology of the Long-Billed Marsh Wren. 6-30.
Jared Verner.
Factors Affecting the Incidence of Rally Calling in the Chukar Partridge. 31-43.
H. Warrington Williams, Allen W. Stokes.
Clutch Size and Numbers of Eggs Laid By Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 44-60.
Robert B. Payne.
The Introduction and Present Status of California Quail in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. 61-66.
Victor Lewin.
Seasonal Development of the Incubation Patch in the Starling. 67-72.
James A. Lloyd.
New Distributional and Overwintering Records of Birds From South-Central Alaska. 73-80.
Francis S. L. Williamson, Leonard J. Peyton, Malcom E. Islieb.
Notes and News. 92.

From Field and Study

An Exposed Nocturnal Roost of Migrant Vaux Swifts. 81-82.
Kenneth E. Stager.
Galapagos Finch Captured in Flight By Laughing Gull. 82.
Ira L. Wiggins.
Black Hawk Nesting in Utah. 82-83.
Dennis L. Carter, Roland H. Wauer.
Heermann Gull in Nevada. 83-84.
Michael Wotton, David B. Marshall.
Compound Clutch of the Chachalaca. 84-85.
Raymond J. Fleetwood, Eric G. Bolen.
Blue Grouse Persists on Mount Pinos in Southern California. 85-86.
Waldo G. Abbott.
A Record of the White-Winged Dove in Northern California. 86.
Richard J. Wheeler.
The Singing Male" Method of Censusing Birds: A Warning". 86-87.
John Davis.
Further Notes on Wandering Tattlers in Central Alaska. 87-89.
Robert B. Weeden.
The Cattle Egret Reaches the West Coast of the United States. 89.
R. G. Mccaskie.
Bobolink and Summer Tanager on Galapagos Islands in Late Summer. 90.
Peter Kramer.
The Composition of a Wintering Population of White-Crowned Sparrows in Kern County, California. 90-91.
James L. Hardy, Don R. Roberts, Richard C. Banks.
Harrier Observed Catching a Fairy Tern in Tahiti. 91.
A. Starker Leopold.
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