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The Condor, Volume 66, Number 2 (1964)

2 (March-April)


A New Hummingbird From Southern Mexico. 81-84.
J. Stuart Rowley, Robert T. Orr.
Effects of Deafening on Song Development in Two Species of Juncos. 85-102.
Masakazu Konishi.
The Mexican Races of the Least Pygmy Owl. 103-112.
O. Marcus Buchanan.
Comparative Behavior and Relationships of the Eiders. 113-129.
Paul A. Johnsgard.
Hybridization in the Orioles of the Great Plains. 130-150.
Charles G. Sibley, Lester L. Short, Jr..
Birds Collected in Nicaragua By Bernardo Ponsol. 151-158.
Thomas R. Howell.
Notes and News. 164.

From Field and Study

Recent Bird Records From Southern New Mexico. 159-161.
Bruce K. Harris.
Another Pacific Record of the Black Swift Off Mexico. 161-162.
O. Marcus Buchanan, Harry L. Fierstine.
A Vagrant Occurrence of the Black Phoebe in Southeastern Washington. 162.
W. H. Rickard.
Note on the Feeding Habits of the Caracara in South Texas. 162.
W. C. Glazener.
Open-Billed Probing By the Princess Stephanie Bird of Paradise. 162-163.
C. J. O. Harrison.
Unusual Feeding Behavior of a Goshawk. 163.
Peter W. Westcott.
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