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The Condor, Volume 64, Number 5 (1962)

5 (September-October)


Nesting of the White-Naped Swift. 361-367.
J. Stuart Rowley, Robert T. Orr.
Song Dialects" in Three Populations of White-Crowned Sparrows". 368-377.
P. Marler, M. Tamura.
Mountain White-Crowned Sparrows in California. 378-389.
Barbara B. Dewolfe, Robert H. Dewolfe.
Evidence Concerning the Function of Nocturnal Call Notes of Migratory Birds. 390-401.
William J. Hamilton Iii.
Organization and Movements of Coveys of a Gambel Quail Population. 402-415.
Gordon W. Gullion.
Nests and Eggs of the Birds of the Truk Islands. 416-437.
John H. Brandt.
Notes and News. 442.
Publications Reviewed. 442-444.

From Field and Study

Unusual Feeding Behavior of the Fulmar. 438.
Dr. Loye Miller, J. Norman Grim.
Early Nesting of the Costa Hummingbird in Southern California. 438-439.
Gerald J. Bakus.
Prairie Falcon Displays Accipitrine and Circinine Hunting Methods. 439-440.
Clayton M. White.
A Breeding Record of the Redwinged Blackbird in Alaska. 440.
Peter E. K. Shepherd.
Birds Observed Wintering on Middleton Island, Alaska. 440-441.
Thomas P. O'Farrell, Arthur M. Sheets.
Baltimore Oriole at Santa Barbara, California. 441.
Waldo G. Abbott.
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