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The Condor, Volume 63, Number 3 (1961)

3 (May-June)


Temperature Regulation in Laysan and Black-Footed Albatrosses. 185-197.
Thomas R. Howell, George A. Bartholomew.
Helpers Among Birds. 198-226.
Alexander F. Skutch.
The Hatching Muscle in North America Grebes. 227-233.
Harvey I. Fisher.
Comments on Types and Taxonomy in the Jay Genus Aphelocoma. 234-245.
Frank A. Pitelka.
Territorial Relationships Between Cardinals and Pyrrhuloxias. 246-256.
Patrick J. Gould.
Birds Observed During Two Crossings of the Pacific Ocean. 257-262.
Daniel C. Wilhoft.
Notes and News. 267-268.

From Field and Study

Egg Sizes of Laysan and Black-Footed Albatrosses. 263.
Carl Frings.
Western Grebe Colonies in Northern Colorado. 264-265.
Donald G. Davis.
The Flight Speed of a Red-Breasted Merganser. 265.
Max C. Thompson.
Notes of Bird Nests Found in a Desert Shrub Community Following Nuclear Detonations. 265-266.
W. H. Richard.

Publications Reviewed

The Kirtland's Warbler, By Harold Mayfield. 268.
Alden H. Miller.
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