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The Condor, Volume 62, Number 2 (1960)

2 (March-April)


Voice, Courtship, and Territorial Behavior of Ant-Tanagers in British Honduras. 73-87.
Edwin Willis.
The Nest and Eggs of the Slaty Vireo. 88-90.
J. Stuart Rowley, Robert T. Orr.
Correlation of Variation in the Wrentit with Environmental Gradients. 91-120.
Darl E. Bowers.
A Blackish Race of the Gray Seedeater of Northern South America. 121-123.
Alden H. Miller.
Physical Analysis of a Simple Bird Song an Exemplified By the Chipping Sparrow. 124-135.
Peter Marler, Donald Isaac.
Notes and News. 143-144.

From Field and Study

Changed Status of Several Species of Waterfowl in Alaska. 136-137.
Henry A. Hansen.
Behavioral and Ecologic Notes on the Brown-Headed Cowbird. 137-138.
Richard F. Johnston.
Occurrence of the Osprey in Uruguay. 138.
Rodolfe Escalante.
Another Record of the Baikal Teal in Northwestern Alaska. 138-139.
William J. Maher.
Rare Migrants in Death Valley National Monument, California. 139.
Roland H. Wauer.
Occurrence of Slaty and Dwarf Vireos in Jalisco, Mexico. 139.
W. J. Schaldach, Jr..
Breeding of the Fork-Tailed Petrel Off the Washington Coast. 140.
Frank Richardson.
An Occurrence of the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak in Southern Nevada. 140.
W. H. Richard.
The Rusty Blackbird and Dickcissel in Oregon. 140-141.
Alex. Walker.
Wilson Petrel Off the California Coast. 141.
I. C. T. Nisbet, R. G. Mccaskie.
Nesting Attempt By a Pair of Barn Swallows in Northern Alaska. 141-142.
Henry E. Childs, Jr.,, William J. Maher.
Rocky Mountain Race of the Williamson Sapsucker Wintering in California. 142.
Ralph J. Raitt, Jr..
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