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The Condor, Volume 59, Number 5 (1957)

5 (September-October)


The Three-Wattled Bellbird. 273.
Don R. Eckelberry.
Life History of the Cactus Wren Part I: Winter and Pre-Nesting Behavior. 274-296.
Anders H. Anderson, Anne Anderson.
Irruptions of the Clark Nutcracker in California. 297-307.
John Davis, Laidlaw Williams.
The British Columbia Nest Records Scheme. 308-310.
M. T. Myers, I. Mct. Cowan, M. D. F. Udvardy.
Clutch Size and Laying Dates in Cliff Swallow Colonies. 311-316.
M. T. Myres.
Ecological Distribution of Birds in the Napaskiak Area of the Kuskokwim River Delta, Alaska. 317-338.
Francis S. L. Williamson.
Notes and News. 344.
Cooper Society Meetings. 344.

From Field and Study

Movements of Trumpeter Swans Shown By Band Returns and Observations. 339.
R. H. Mackay.
Observations of Pair Relations of White-Headed Woodpeckers in Winter. 339-340.
Gerald Robinson.
Rufous-Sided Towhee in Colorado. 340.
Oakleigh Thorne, Ii.
Cape May Warbler in Central America. 340.
Paul Slud.
Breeding Record of Pintail in Humboldt County, California. 340-341.
Charles F. Yocom.
Hooded Mergansers at Afognak Island, Alaska. 341.
Archie S. Mossman.
Observations on a Coot-Muskrat Relationship. 341-342.
William Q. Wick, Harte E. Penttila.
An Unusual Merganser Fatality. 342-343.
William Q. Wick, Harold E. Rogers.
Some Interspecific Relations in the Feeding of Estuarine Birds. 343.
Gene M. Christman.
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