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The Condor, Volume 59, Number 1 (1957)

1 (January-February)


Natural History of the Montezuma Quail in Mexico. 3-26.
A. Starker Leopold, Robert A. Mccabe.
Observations on Sea Birds in the Tropical Pacific. 27-39.
Joseph E. King, Robert L. Pyle.
Subspecific Variation in Winter Populations of Savannah Sparrows: A Study in Field Taxonomy. 40-52.
Robert A. Norris, Gordon L. Hight, Jr..
Some Remarks on the Behavior of the Yucatan Cactus Wren. 53-58.
Dale A. Zimmerman.
Bird Remains From an Oregon Indian Midden. 59-63.
Loye Miller.
Bird Notes From Western Kwangsi, China. 64-66.
Stephen W. Eaton.
Cooper Society Meetings. 72.
Notes and News. 72.

From Field and Study

A Record of the Slaty Finch for Honduras. 67.
Robert T. Moore, Don R. Medina.
Nesting of the Ruffed Grouse in California. 67-68.
Robert R. Talmadge.
Avian-Pinniped Feeding Associations. 68-69.
Ronald A. Ryder.
Hummingbird Killed By Frog. 69.
Morgan Monroe.
A Bobolink in Southern California. 69.
R. Dudley Ross, Ruth P. Emery.
Yellow-Billed Cuckoo Nesting in Yucatan. 69-70.
Ernest P. Edwards.
Miscellaneous Bird Records From Northeastern Nevada. 70-71.
Gordon W. Gullion.
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