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The Condor, Volume 58, Number 5 (1956)

5 (September-October)


Observation on a Sooty Grouse Population at Sage Hen Creek, California. 321-337.
Robert S. Hoffmann.
Integrating Mechanisms of Winter Flocks of Juncos. 338-341.
Winifred S. Sabine.
The Molt and Testis Cycles of the Anna Hummingbird. 342-366.
Francis S. L. Williamson.
Two New Birds From the Miocene of Florida. 367-370.
Pierce Brodkorb.
Red-Tailed Hawk and Horned Owl Populations in Wisconsin. 371-385.
Gordon Orians, Frank Kuhlman.
Notes and News. 391.
Cooper Society Meetings. 391-392.

From Field and Study

Clark Nutcrackers Preying on Ground Squirrels and Chipmunks. 386.
James B. Dixon.
A Collection of Panamanian Nests and Eggs. 386-388.
Emmet R. Blake.
Land Birds at Sea Off Southern California. 388-389.
Andreas B. Rechnitzer.
Footprint of a Bird From the Miocene of Louisiana. 389-390.
Alexander Wetmore.
European Widgeon and Glaucous Gull in Utah. 390.
Vanez T. Wilson, Leo T. Young.
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