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The Condor, Volume 58, Number 2 (1956)

2 (March-April)


Summer Birds of the Rincon Mountains, Saguaro National Monument, Arizona. 81-97.
Joe T. Marshall, Jr..
A Hybrid Jay From Chiapas, Mexico. 98-106.
Frank A. Pitelka, Robert K. Selander, Miguel Alvarez Del Toro.
The Bird of the Revilla Gigedo Islands, Mexico. 107-120.
Bayard H. Brattstrom, Thomas R. Howell.
Pterlyography and Molt of the Allen Hummingbird. 121-133.
Elmer C. Aldrich.
The Annual Reproductive Cycle of the California Gull I. Criteria of Age and the Testis Cycle. 134-162.
David W. Johnston.
Notes and News. 167.
Cooper Society Meetings. 167-168.

From Field and Study

An Ancient Murrelet in Northern in Northeastern Nevada. 163.
Gordon W. Gullion.
Prolonged Incubation By an Anna Hummingbird. 163.
Junea W. Kelly.
Another Record of the Tropical Kingbird for California. 163-164.
Rolf E. Mall.
A Fossil Magpie From the Pleistocene of Texas. 164-165.
Alden H. Miller, Robert I. Bowman.
Interspecific Relations Between Goshawks and Ravens. 165.
Francis S. L. Williamson, Robert Rousch.
White-Winged Scoter in Texas. 165.
Walter W. Dalquest.
The Incubation Period of the Clapper Rail. 166.
Richard F. Johnston.
Some New Bird Records From Brewster County, Texas. 166.
Keith L. Dixon, O. C. Wallmo.
Palm Warbler at Point Reyes, California. 166.
Charles D. Fisher.
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