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The Condor, Volume 57, Number 4 (1955)

4 (July-August)


A Preliminary Survey of the Sparrows of the Genus Aimophila. 193-201.
Robert W. Storer.
The Glaucous Gull in Western North America South of Its Breeding Range. 202-207.
David W. Johnston.
Observations on the Breeding Biology of Kingbirds. 208-212.
David E. Davis.
A Hybrid Between the Spruce Grouse and the Blue Grouse. 213-215.
M. Jollie.
The Purple Sandpiper in Southern Baffin Island. 216-220.
George M. Sutton, David F. Parmelee.
Heart Weight in Birds. 221-238.
Frank A. Hartman.
Notes and News. 247.
Financial Statement for 1954. 248.

From Field and Study

Snowy Plover, a Photograph. 239.
Ray Quigley, Jr..
Territorial Behavior in Fall Migrant Rufous Hummingbirds. 239-240.
Kenneth B. Armitage.
Black Skimmer in North-Central Texas. 240.
F. W. Miller.
The Responses of Salt-Marsh Birds to Extremely High Tides. 241-242.
Charles G. Sibley.
Early Nesting of Golden-Crowned Kinglet. 242-243.
John L. Blackford.
Whistling Swan and Snowy Owl in Texas. 243.
Walter W. Dalquest, Leo D. Lewis.
A Recent Record of the Sharp-Tailed Grouse in Nevada. 243.
William Q. Wick.
Killdeer Decoys Duck Hawk From Young. 243-244.
Wayne H. Bohl.
Gambel Quail and Water Supply on Tiburon Island, Sonora, Mexico. 244.
Charles H. Lowe, Jr..
Taxonomic Comments on the Western Wood Pewee. 244-246.
Allan R. Phillips, Kenneth C. Parkes.
Mid-Winter Nesting of the House Finch at Los Angeles, California. 246.
Thomas R. Howell, Robert D. Burns.
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